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Floribama Shore Season 4 E20: Gus and Candace Finally Have it Out
Maybe that's what Candace and Gus should do to make sure things don't heat up like this again. This week's episode of Floribama Shore delivered on the drama that reality TV fans crave Comrades, there is nothing like watching real-life trauma lead to lashing out and emotional pain and suffering all for my entertainment! This is[...]
Double Shot at Love Season 3 E7: Honey Loses the Horse Race?
But admittedly, the world of international despotism is a little bit more cutthroat than a reality TV dating show Only a little bit, though. Double Shot at Love screencap – Vinny looks to cool down Peyton and Akielia For the elimination dinner itself, Vinny invited Honey and Jillian But before he had a chance to make a[...]
Double Shot at Love Season 3 Episode 4: If You Like Fake B****es...
Unfortunately, Vinny did not cash in the coupon, setting the stage for Jasmine's demise later in the episode and one of the strangest eliminations in reality TV history. No One Likes a Bully More drama kicked off this episode as the women vied for alone time with Vinny The typical reality tv trope sees contestants interrupt a[...]
Double Shot at Love Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Camping? Really?
Double Shot at Love Season 3 Episode 3 continued the quest of seventeen single women to win the love of Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadaganino in a reality TV competition With two contestants down, the remaining fifteen women would be forced to compete for Vinny's affections while fighting for their own survival on a camping[...]
Floribama Shore Season 4 E15 Review: Codi is Out of Control
Of course, that cliffhanger would seem more urgent if Gus wasn't seen partying in clips from the next episode. Codi "steals a kiss" from Candace on Floribama Shore. The pandemic continues to take a toll on your El Presidente's favorite reality TV shows Yes, in-house drama is a hallmark of this kind of show, but so is[...]
Double Shot at Love
Pauly serves as the de facto host of the show, while Nikki's job is to guide the contestants in their quest to find love with a reality TV star at least ten years older than any of them Vinny, of course, is the "prize," though he spent most of the episode riddled with anxiety Vinny[...]