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Electronic Arts Updates Their Esports Schedule Due To Coronavirus

Stop us if you've heard this one before. Another company has changed its plans due to the coronavirus, this time its Electronic Arts. The company posted a notice this week letting fans know of the changes to several events, which we have for you below. Some have simply been postponed because they're so far out, […]

"Need For Speed Heat" Shows Off Black Market Update

"Need For Speed Heat" Shows Off Black Market Update

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games revealed what's coming in the massive March update for Need For Speed Heat called "Black Market". As you can see from the image here, there are two new cars coming to the game. The first is a free addition with the Aston Martin DB11 Volante (2018), which you can unlock […]

You'll Be able To Customize Tanks In "Battlefield V" Soon

If you like the ability to customize random things in the middle of a war, then you'll enjoy Electronic Arts' next addition to Battlefield V. Starting on March 4th, you'll be able to decorate your own tank however you wish when it drops into battle or when you're piloting it. You can read up on […]

Electronic Arts Announces Their E3 2019 Stream Schedule

Electronic Arts Servers Are Down Again Today, But Impact Unknown

It appears Electronic Arts are not having a great leap year as today their servers are down for the second time this week in multiple areas. According to several reports, February has not been the best month for online gaming with EA as their servers took a dive back on February 18th, then again on […]

"Apex Legends" Reveals System Override Collection Event

"Apex Legends" Reveals System Override Collection Event

Respawn Entertainment revealed a new Apex Legends event on the way as the System Override Collection event kicks off in March. From March 3rd-17th, you'll have a few new items to take advantage of, which we have listed below. You'll also be able to take advantage of the new Deja Loot mode, which will see […]

Electronic Arts Pulls Out Of GDC 2020 Over Coronavirus

The latest company to pull out of GDC 2020 this week is Electronic Arts as they've cited the coronavirus as their main reason. Word got out from the company, not by any official channels, but through a LinkedIn update. The update in question came from Alex Sherer, who is an Ad Product Development Specialist at […]

Electronic Arts Bands An Abusive "FIFA" Player From All Services

Electronic Arts Bans An Abusive "FIFA" Player From All Services

You hardly see Electronic Arts take a major stance when it comes to reprimanding players as people rarely get out of control. The company has decided to ban the pro-player known as Kurt "Kurt0411" Fenech, citing his abusive behavior towards the EA staff and other players. The company sent out a tweet with an official […]

Newly Revealed Stats Show Most "Mass Effect" Players Chose Good

Newly Revealed Stats Show Most "Mass Effect" Players Chose Paragon

Apparently, more of you out there are good rather than evil. At least, that's what the statistics of Mass Effect say from a briefly recent reveal. If you're not familiar with the concept in Mass Effect, one of the many choices at your disposal is that you can choose an alignment of sorts. You can […]

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"Apex Legends" Players Call Out "Fortnite" For Copying Loot Vaults

Apex Legends fans aren't too happy with Epic Games this week as Fortnite's Season 2 of Chapter 2 has copied one of the game's hallmark additions. Last week, the company finally launches Season 2 with a new spy theme going for it, and with it came a number of new additions to the game. One […]

"Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" Gets A New Patch With Content

Electronic Arts May Be Working On "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" Sequel

According to the latest reports, it appears Electronic Arts are working on a pair of new games, one of them being a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The news comes from Kotaku who talks about a number of projects that are either in development or have been canceled. The first one being a […]

"Apex Legends" Brings Back Kings Canyon For The Weekend

"Apex Legends" Brings Back Kings Canyon For The Weekend

Would you like to travel back to Kings Canyon in Apex Legends for a moment? Because that's exactly what Respawn Entertainment is doing. The devs announced on Twitter this week that starting today, you'll be able to revisit the Season One location where it all began. The map will remain in the game from February […]

"Star Wars Battlefront 2" Is Getting A Four-Player Mode

"Star Wars: Battlefront II" Gets A Visual Upgrade Comparison

It kinda goes without saying at this point that Star Wars: Battlefront II has had a number of issues and challenges since it came out two years ago. One of the biggest complaints from players was the visual representation of many of the characters, as they didn't look like they matched up that well with […]

Apex Legends Launches The Valentines Day Rendevouz Event

"Apex Legends" Launches The Valentine's Day Rendevouz Event

Apex Legends has launched a brand new event this week as those searching for love can take part in the Valentine's Day Rendevouz Event. The event is pretty brief as it will run from February 12th-19th, with a few little additions like a special badge and Valentine's items. You can see everything added below as […]

"Anthem" Is Getting A Complete Reword According To Devs

"Anthem" Is Getting A Complete Rework According To Devs

According to a brand new blog post on BioWare's website, Anthem is going to be getting an overhaul which includes a complete rework. BioWare's Casey Hudson let players know that the game would be getting some changes in the months to come. And while the current season won't see much in changes, the game itself […]

"Apex Legends" Shows Off The Season Four Launch Trailer

"Apex Legends" Reveals New Additions To Season Four

Respawn Entertainment has revealed more of the new additions thrown into Season Four of Apex Legends, and expand on the Revenant's abilities. Players will now have a chance to be a ruthless killer as the Revenant as you're basically The Terminator on speed. Yeah, you can be cut down like every other character, but it's […]

Electronic Arts Is Planning To Release 14 Games In 2021

We're barely a month into 2020 and Electronic Arts are already making plans for next year, as they predict they'll have 14 games released in 2021. During EA's latest earnings call, which you can read a transcription of here, EA's COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen briefly talked about what the company has planned next year. […]

Xbox, Nike, and EA Sports Team Up

Xbox, Nike, & EA Sports Are Throwing A Super Bowl-Theme Giveaway

In a rare giveaway moment, Xbox has partnered up with both Nike and EA Sports to give one lucky winner this Xbox One X and gear with a Super Bowl theme. Xbox released details on a contest to give out the special Madden NFL 20 console, as well as a pair of Air Max Legacy […]

"Apex Legends" Shows Off The Season Four Launch Trailer

"Apex Legends" Shows Off The Season Four Launch Trailer

After swerving people into thinking that we were going to get one character, Respawn Entertainment has introduced us to the next Apex Legends character. Revenant will be a haunting cybernetic assassin that you'll have to contend with and learn how to control. You'll also be getting a new weapon called The Sentinel, which is a […]

"Apex Legends" Will Start Up Season Four On February 4th

"Apex Legends" Debuts A New Trailer For Season Four

Respawn Entertainment released a brand new trailer today showing off the story going into Season Four of Apex Legends. Along with the brief look at Forge and what he'll be bringing personality-wise to the battlefield, the devs also gave everyone a rundown of the changes coming to Season Four. Everything will kick off next week […]

"Apex Legends" Will Start Up Season Four On February 4th

"Apex Legends" Will Start Up Season Four On February 4th

Respawn Entertainment announced this week that Season Four of Apex Legends will be kicking off on February 4th along with a new legend. Of course, the season will kick off with a brand new legend joining the group, and this time around you get the hunk of meat below named Forge. According to his backstory, […]