The Look Of The Cerebus Action Figure… Who Wants One?

So George Peter Gatsis has been creating a model for a Cerebus action figure for quite some time now. One of the folks who has been working with Dave Sim on the Cerebus archive, he clearly feels that an extra dimension is in order… As you can see, the figure is fully articulated. And quite […]

Approaching Brad Pitt To Play Cerebus

So, the ongoing saga of the Cerebus CGI animated feature film currently being created, with the co-operation of creator Dave Sim, with the proviso that he is likely not to allow it to be released. Yet people are still putting money into it, spending thousands of hours and hiring the best to work on it. […]

Dave Sim's Drawings For Antony Buonomo's Cerebus Movie Titles

He's still not approving it. And still probably not going to approve it. But Dave Sim has created three new Cerebus images to be finished in watercolours by Joe Rubenstein for the opening titles of the Cerebus animated feature film adaptation, Fractured Destiny, directed by Oliver Simonsen. And the titles will be created by Antony Buonomo, […]

Dave Sim Wants A Woman

Okay, I admit it, that was a click bait headline. But it is absolutely accurate. Dave Sim, creator of one of the greatest comic book works to date, Cerebus, As found himself getting involved with a film adaptation of the comic, despite his best efforts. Oliver Simonsen has been, slowly, directing an animated movie based […]

Dave Sim's Judenhass, Free From Tuesday

"Judenhass is an astonishing piece of work. Painful and real and unflinching. I don't remember the last comic I read that made me cry, but this did." Neil Gaiman Coming on Tuesday, Dave Sim's Judenhass, his graphic novella about the Holocaust, will be made available free on his site, and on the graphic novel boutique app […]

Why Aren't More People Talking About Dave Sim?

So Dave Sim went and wrote this, for A Moment Of Cerebus, I did want to mention that the ONLY complete sets of CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER TWO BONUS PRINT FIRST RELEASEs — all 21 — will be sent to: 1. Tim W. who has, obviously, been instrumental in "Off-White House Communications" and this experiment in "open governance" […]

When Dave Sim Lettered My Name 17 Times

That's what I came home to after New York Comic Con. Lots of post, but at the bottom a thick flat card package. What could it be? It could be Cerebus Archive Volume One. The first ten pages of original art in Dave Sim's personal collection, recreated in card form as close to the original […]

Why Dave Sim Is Wrong About His Next Comic Book

Dave Sim has been releasing his latest update, as he struggles with internet access. In which he tells us the funeral home that he has arranged his death rites at, is closing, so it will be moved to Westmount Memorial Celebration Centre. It rather sets the tone… Worth noting (perhaps): I've specified that my remains […]

And Finally – The Animated Articulated Cerebus Action Figure

From George Peter Gatsis and Daniel Grant, the first draft design for an upcoming Cerebus action figure with fifty-five points of articulation! They promise accessories including a shield, helmet, short sword and chest medallions. Nine inches tall, limited number run, prototype to be auctioned off, with design sketches including Dave Sim's sketch modifications, keep an […]

IDW To Release Digital Cerebus Collection Of High Society

Cerebus, one of the most highly regarded independent comic series by Dave Sim, ran for 300 issues from 1977 to 2004. From issue #26 to #50 ran a storyline called High Society. This story is considered the start of Cerebus becoming a vehicle for political commentary as well as a great jumping on point for […]

Celebrating Dark Horse's Women In Comics – Elfquest's Wendy Pini Is Proud To Be A 'Tough, Stubborn, Long-Surviving Woman Pioneer'

Since 1978, the world of Elfquest has inspired the minds and artistic bent of generations of readers, and the unstoppable trajectory of its ever-expanding world has moved through various platforms, displaying the full versatility of the comics medium, from mainstream publishing, to self-publication, webcomics, and now back to print in a new incarnation with Dark […]

Dave Sim's Hundred Year Plan Begins At Midnight Tonight

When Dave Sim originally published the Cerebus phonebooks, collections stuffed with twenty or more issues of the black and white comic, he did so outside of Diamond Comic Distributors, which caused a massive stink. Google it. But it also gave him the opportunity to sell signed and numbered editions, and for people to keep the […]

Would You Like To Write Or Draw 'Ultimate Cerebus' For IDW? Get In Touch

Well, now, this is a thing. Creator of the long-running, legendary Cerebus, Dave Sim writes about revisiting those early issues, with an all-star cast. I asked Ted Adams during our phone chat a couple of weeks back if IDW would be interested in publishing ULTIMATE CEREBUS: basically the "re-telling" of the first 25 issues by other writers […]

Would You Spent Fourteen Hours Watching A 3D Cerebus Being Printed?

After all, you made it through Melmoth. Right now George Peter Gatiss is printing a 3D Cerebus. It has only just started and will take 14 hours. And there is a webcam on it right now. I mean you could go to ECCC. You could fill in your DC Talent Survey. Or you can go […]

It's Not Rocket Science – Finding The Sweet Spot For Digital Distribution

George Gatsis writes; After a year on getting Cerebus Digital, Animated and Distributed (CerebusDownloads.com )… I have finally had free time allocated back to myself so I can contemplate and procrastinate. Alas… both seem to be exactly the same for me. So I decided to do the opposite of what I usually do… Usually, I […]

Mindgames – Cerebus #20 In Virtual Foldout

Decades before Promethea #32, there was Cerebus #20. The Mindgames issue. Which folded out, to create… this. One of the most groundbreaking comic books of its day – and still is thirty years later. Whatever you think of the man, his views and his politics, Dave Sim is deservedly one of the few comic book […]