Rick and Morty, Charmed, Seth MacFarlane & More: BCTV Sunday Slices

Welcome to a post-DC FanDome edition of BCTV Sunday Slices, after a week of some really big announcements but a little soft when it comes to news. That said, "a little soft" still covers a wide range of topics. This weekend, we sing the praises of Lovecraft Country, like the feeling of having Archer back, and educate you on why Danny Trejo rules across the multiverse. We also throw some respect at Riverdale, send best wishes and positive vibes to Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, appreciate the work environment that Supernatural has, realize that Karma can work a little Charmed magic sometimes – and yes, a whole lot more in-between. Once again, the thoughts and opinions you're about to read are mine and mine alone so I'll be the one accepting all of the praise. Now let's get started:

Teenage Bounty Hunters is a Hilarious Win for Netflix
A scene from Teenage Bounty Hunters (BCTV Image: Netflix)

Teenage Bounty Hunters Proves Hilarious, Impressive Win for Netflix: Writers of Cursed and Warrior Nun, take note: this is how you run a season. Slow, steady build with strong performances, some nice plot twists… and not a single slow or wasted episode.

Lovecraft Country Trailer: Atticus's Story Continues to Be Written: Righteous props to Misha Green (Underground) and the rest of the team behind HBO's Lovecraft Country. Pair it with Watchmen, and you have a geek-themed history lesson into our country's dark past and volatile present.

WWE to Solve All Its Ratings Problems… in the ThunderDome!: Not gonna' lie, I kinda like how it looks. Now if the in-ring action would start becoming just as interesting…

Squidbillies Creators Fire Actor for Offensive Dolly Parton, BLM Posts: Putting this under "Not a Matter of 'If' But 'When'" in Karma's filing cabinet.

Archer Season 11 Teaser: A Reminder That Everybody Splooshes, People: The world just feels a little more okay with the real Sterling Archer back. I was so done with the go**amn "coma dream" seasons.

A look at Paragon (Image: Pikchure Zero Entertainment)
A look at Paragon (BCTV Image: Pikchure Zero Entertainment)

Paragon Series Trailer: Heaven's Dead and Danny Trejo Wants Answers: I'm not saying Danny Trejo's the baddest m*****-f***** on the planet, but in the time it took for me to write this? Trejo saved the world three times, taught Chuck Norris how to change a tire, and helped Steven Seagal to the toilet.

The Orville Creator Seth MacFarlane Sets "Little Rock Nine" Series: Serious props to Seth MacFarlane and the creative decisions he's been making with his new NBCU deal. His announced The Winds of War miniseries adaptation and limited series based on the "Little Rock Nine" proves once again that he's so much more than just Peter Griffin and Star Trek homages.

WWE Found No Evidence in Investigation of Velveteen Dream Says HHH: That rare instance when a headline actually says more than I could ever say. Wow.

DC FanDome Offers Preview; Sets Explore the Multiverse for September: Smart move, as we saw this weekend. Between television and film, there's just too much to cover even in one, 24-hour run. Plus, this will give the television folks more time to have some fun stuff to preview or discuss.

Say It Ain't So! Renee Young is Leaving WWE, Claims Report: Wonder where she's going…

A look at American Gods season 2 (BCTV Image: STARZ)

American Gods Star Bruce Langley on Season 3: "Good Stuff On the Way": Dear STARZ: This isn't anything personal, but damn the show makes it hard to stay committed to it, and not for anything that has to do with what's going on with the story. October still feels like forever when it comes to more information on the new season.

Drunk History Season 7 No Longer Happening, Derek Waters Reveals and Tosh.0: Comedy Central Cancels Series with Season 12; Will Be Shopped: If there was any doubt that Comedy Central was going all-in on adult animation, look no further than the fates of two of its remaining three live-action scripted series. And the cancellation notices came well after both series were renewed for additional seasons (Tosh.0 for four seasons).

Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart "Really Psyched"for Season 5 Time Jump: As fun as it is to point out all the wonderful cheesiness to the series, a seven-year time jump is a pretty bold move- one of those that could determine if a sixth season rolls into play.

Supernatural: Jared Padalecki's Birthday Perspective for Misha Collins: I'm not sure I ever worked anywhere that was as close and "family" as the Supernatural crew has been for over 15 seasons. I have to confess that my cold, soulless heart actually breaks a little when they discuss what it's going to be like when the series ends.

Outlander: Sony's End of Summer Series Will Explore Series' Universe: STARZ and Sony aren't f***ing around this time with that "Droughtlander" bull**it: they're going to offer up some "rest stops" for Outlander fans awaiting the next season.

A look at Snowball from Rick and Morty (BCTV Image: Adult Swim)

Rick and Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland Offers Health Update on Jerry: F***ing heartbreaking. Thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes go out.

The Stand: Mick Garris Talks Cameo, Original Miniseries Comparisons: Another long-running obsession around the office, I'm hoping we get more release details and a teaser/trailer soon.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6: Lennie James BTS; Actor Q&A; Teaser: You didn't really think they were going to kill him, did you?

Charmed: Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano Twitter Fight Gets Personal: I'm just gonna say this: considering how things went re: The CW's reboot of the series and just how "warm and welcoming" the original show's stars were of it, this does feel a bit like Karma having a little fun.

The Sandman is set for a live-action adaptation on Netflix (BCTV Image: DC/WarnerMedia).

The Sandman: Neil Gaiman Approving Prod Designs, Talks Series Timeline: Counting down the days until casting news drops and the comics fans start freaking out because Neil Gaiman kept his promise to diversify the cast as well as tweak some of the characters' aspects for modern times. Not quite sure they were listening during DC FanDome.

WWE Hoping Everyone Has Forgotten About Forgotten Sons' BLM Tweet: Unless the WWE found a way for "WWE ThunderDome" to shut down all of social media? Nope.

Titans Season 3: Red Hood, Scarecrow, Comm. Barbara Gordon & More: Anyone notice that in all of the excitement caused by news of Red Hood, Dr. Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow, Commissioner Barbara Gordon, and the action moving to Gotham, that something was missing? Like a premiere-window and an official decision on its new home (place bets on HBO Max).

The Flash "Crisis" Crossover Start of Carefully Crafted DC Multiverse: After the smoke cleared on the first DC FanDome session, the best way for me to describe the day is easily this: when it comes to television and film, it looks like WarnerMedia and DC Comics finally get it. With a clear plan in place moving forward, things could get very, very interesting…

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