Todd McFarlane is The Batman in The Daily LITG 28th October, 2021

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LITG: The ten most-read stories, yesterday, 28th October, 2021

McFarlane Toys Brings The Batman to Life Once Again with New Figure
Credit: McFarlane Toys
  1. McFarlane Toys Brings The Batman to Life Once Again with New Figure
  2. Hasbro Pulse Con Deep Dive: Animated X-Men Marvel Legends
  3. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15: So How Soon is "So Soon"?
  4. Bosch Spinoff Series Signals Season 1 Filming Wrap with Last Ep Look
  5. Read X-Force #24 Before This Week's Inferno #2 (Spoilers)
  6. Marvel Comics Launches Savage Spider-Man Without Chris Bachalo
  7. 2+2=5? Tom King, Ed Brubaker and Substack Comics
  8. Frank Cho's Outrage Sketch Covers From Baltimore Comic Con
  9. Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2 Trailer; Kevin Smith/Trolls
  10. Orchis Vs X-Men Vs Laws Of Science In Krakoan Comics Today (Spoilers)

ICYMI: more you may prefer from yesterday.

In case you fancied more LITG about comics.

LITG one year ago, West Wing, Three Jokers and Garth Marenghi

The West Wing, The Three Jokers and Garth Marenghi - The Daily LITG, 28th October 2020
LITG: The West Wing, The Three Jokers and Garth Marenghi – The Daily LITG, 28th October

  1. The West Wing Reunion Offered to Non-HBO Max Subscribers for Free
  2. The Three Jokers #3 Add New Twist To Barbara Gordon's Life (Spoilers)
  3. The Haunting Of Garth Marenghi's Dark Manor
  4. Jason Todd Complicated Love Life In Three Jokers #3 and Red Hood #50
  5. How The Three Jokers Rewrites The Killing Joke (BIG SPOILERS)
  6. Let's Take A Look At NECA's Terminator 2 Sarah & John Connor Set
  7. Death Metal #7 Second Epilogue Sets Up Something Beyond Future State
  8. Arrowverse: Marc Guggenheim Ready to Move On; Talks Green Lantern
  9. Three Jokers Book 3 – And Punchline – Are Sequels To The Killing Joke
  10. Iconic Star Wars BTS Photo Becomes Ornament To Make You Cry
  11. Jerry Bennington, IDW President, Latest To Leave?
  12. "Be A Hero – Wear A Mask" Justice League In DC Comics This Week
  13. Does Three Jokers Give Batman Closure Over The Death Of His Parents?
  14. Beef Bros: Leftist Superhero Comic by Aubrey Sitterson & Tyrell Cannon
  15. Barbara Gordon Heads To Washington For 2021? (Batgirl #50 Spoilers)
  16. Mon-El Family History Revealed – Legion Of Super-Heroes #10 Spoilers
  17. Jaime Hernandez To Publish 40 Years Of Women Wrestling Cartoons
  18. Jack Kirby In The 31st Century- Legion Of Super-Heroes #10 (Spoilers)
  19. Which Political Campaigns Did DC Comics Employees Donate To?
  20. Hack/Slash, Back On Kickstarter With Big Hack Energy-Sized HC Omnibus

LITG two years ago, Gary Frank finished Doomsday Clock

And Tony Isabella was calling Batman toxic, long before Defund Batman.

  1. Tony Isabella Calls Batman Toxic, Says Character Ruins DC Comics
  2. Gary Frank Has Finished the 47 Page Final Issue of Doomsday Clock #12 – All On Track For December 18th
  3. First Look at David Tennant's Doctor Meeting Jodie Whittaker's in Doctor Who – January 2020 Titan Solicits
  4. Bruce Lee Gets An 80th-Anniversary Tribute Statue from Blitzway
  5. Just Chillin' With Apocalypse in Excalibur #1 [Preview]
  6. "Try and Stay Calm, You're Doing Very Well" – BBC One's Dracula Trailer Drops at MCM London Comic Con
  7. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Season 14 "The Gang Texts" [REVIEW]
  8. Exclusive: Our First Look at Thor #1 by Donny Cates and Nic Klein Gets Rather Messy
  9. The Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, 27th October 2019 – "None Of Them Could Top Sales of Marauders #1"
  10. "Rick and Morty": Was Chris Jericho's World Title Stolen via Portal Gun?
  11. Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 3 Announced by Hasbro
  12. Historical Funko Pop Artists, Presidents and Icons Are Coming Soon
  13. Okay, So I Just Bought a Page of Doomsday Clock at MCM London Comic Con
  14. Martin Scorsese Expands on His Comments Regarding Marvel Films
  15. "Supernatural": Jared Padalecki Arrested on Assault, Public Intox [Review]
  16. "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" Episode IV – A New Retweet Hope [REVIEW]
  17. "Good Omens": Neil Gaiman Loved Your Netflix Petition to Cancel Show
  18. "Supergirl": Kara's Villains Are Hiding "In Plain Sight" [PREVIEW]
  19. Exclusive: Our First Look at Scarlet Witch Vs The Vision in Tarot #1 by Alan Davis and Paul Renaud
  20. Exclusive: Our First Look at Star Wars #1 by Charles Soule and Jesus Saiz From Marvel in January

LITG three years ago, Old Man Logan was ending…

And Superman was getting militarised

  1. Old Man Logan Finale May Feature the Worst Thing Wolverine's Ever Done
  2. Clark Kent Joins the Navy SEALs In Superman: Year One
  3. Hunter Killer is Far Better than You've Been Told [Review]
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fans Freak Out Over New Found Item
  5. Frank Miller vs AnemoneTea at MCM London Comic Con 2018

Comic Book birthdays today.

There might be partially slightly more of a party atmosphere right now. It all depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are still getting older and still celebrating that special date with twelve years for us as well.

  • Image Comics founder, Shadowline Jim Valentino
  • Stephen Donnelly, comics publisher of New Comics Group.
  • Publisher of Self-Publisher Magazine, Ian Shires.
  • Karl C. Story, inker on Nightwing, Batman, Star Trek, AVP, X-Men, Terra Obscura, Tom Strong, Ocean, The American Way, and Midnighter.
  • OD-Y-C and Infinite Vacation and artist on Thor, co-creator Christian Ward.
  • Sacred Creatures co-creator and artist on X-Factor and Books Of Doom, Pablo Raimondi

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