Toy Fair New York: Kotobukiya Continues to Impress

Kotobukiya is always one of the better booths to visit at any convention or show. Toy Fair New York was no different, as they brought out their new Spider-Man large scale statues, all four of their Defenders ArtFX statues, a number of Star Wars statues and products, and more.

DC Comics is always represented and among them we got to see some Gotham statues, including a sweet looking Jim Gordon. A cool DC Rebirth Batman, along with some Batman The Animated Series statues for the Joker and Harley Quinn. Kotobukiya always knocks Harley out of the park, and the statues here are no different. I also like their line of Rubber Charms! These are really cute, and feature the Batman family and rogues gallery. Nice statues of the Justice League, Johnathan Kent and Krypto, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman were also standout. But the two best DC statues were the Gotham by Gaslight Batman and the two Supergirl statues. The Batman is so detailed and unique-looking, that will be a centerpiece in any collection. Both Supergirls are great, and with each being a different scale there is one for every budget.

Kotobukiya is also continuing their horror Bishoujo line, which should be a thrill for us horror kids. These are so different looking and a great concept, and as a huge Halloween fan I look forward to seeing what they do for a Bishoujo version of the iconic Michael Myers get-up.

As for the Marvel statues, both Spidey's look incredible, and when all four are together, the Defenders look awesome. I am glad we are getting the comic versions first. I actually really like the iron FIst one the most, and the Jessica Jones is great-looking as well, I really like that head-sculpt. The large statue of the biggest movie star on the planet Black Panther is timely and fantastic looking as well.

On the Star Wars front, its all about the Royal Guards and the Emperor. Both versions of the Emperor-throne and throne-less are must buys. That is all their is to say. They did a wonderful job on their Praetorian Guards from The Last Jedi, and their chopsticks and dishwear are always fun to give as gifts. I especially like the Millenium Falcon lunch plate.

Check out all of their offerings down below. A lot of these Kotobukiya products, and many more can be preordered here.

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