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Godzilla Prepares To Battle Kong With New Prime 1 Studio Statue
Fans are already picking sides, and it looks like Prime 1 Studio has backed their champion as they reveal their newest statue The King of the Monsters is here with this new 30" bust that placed him on top of the Hollow Earth Temple The gloss statue is loaded with high-quality detail, from the scales[...]
Superman Goes From Red and Blue To Back and Silver With Prime 1
Prime 1 Studio knows how to celebrate as they unveil their new Black Suit Superman Museum Masterline statue Standing roughly 33 inches high, Henry Cavill is back as Superman once again with this highly detailed and masterly crafted statue Prime 1 Studio has included two head sculpts as well, allowing collectors and display the Man[...]
Batman Detective Comics #1000 Statue Arrives From Prime 1 Studio
However, that is not stopping Prime 1 Studio as they reveal their new DC Comics 1/3 Scale Batman Concept Statue Design by Jason Fabok The statue is standing at a massive 41" tall and features the Dark Knight on Gotham City rooftop base as he looks over the city Technically, three versions of the statue[...]
DC Comics Red Death Speeds on In With New XM Studios Statue
Prime 1 Studio has unveiled their new Red Death statue that shows this deadly being's speed and power with lighting bats to that shiny metallic suit Prime 1 is offered both standard and exclusive versions of the statue, with the exclusive getting a secondary head for only $50 more The DC Comics 1/3 Scale Red[...]
Black Canary Sings Her Song With New Prime 1 Studio Statue
However, Prime 1 Studio is taking us back to her original DC Comics roots as they announce their new Museum Masterline Black Canary statue Standing 27 tall, the Canary is shown in her classic costume with a denim jacket, leather bodysuit, and fishnets She will have a variety of swappable parts with four different handpieces[...]
Wonder Woman Rebirth 1/3 Statue Revealed by Prime 1 Studio
Goodbye the New 52, hello DC Rebirth as Prime 1 Studios announces their newest D Comics statue DC Rebirth kicked off back in 2016 as the DC Universe was reshaped again, fixing plot points and stories before the chaos of Flashpoint Prime 1 Studio gives fans a new statue of the mighty Wonder Woman from[...]
Batman The Grim Knight Takes His Shot With Prime 1 Studio
We travel to the Dark Multiverse once again as Prime 1 Studio unveils their newest DC Comics statue Batman is back once again but not the Batman we all know and love but a more twisted version This version picked up Joe Chill's gun in the alley that night as a kid and took the[...]
Nightwing from Batman: Hush Gets New Statue From Prime 1 Studio
Nightwing is getting his lucky break as Prime 1 Studio announces their newest DC Comics statue From the hit comic story arc Batman: Hush comes a new addition that will join Batman, and Superman Hush themed designs The 1/3rd scale statue stands roughly 34" tall and is showcased perching on a Gotham City themed base[...]
Lord of the Rings Uruk-hai Lurtz Wants Blood with Prime 1 Studio
Prime 1 Studio has unveiled yet another amazing statue for their The Lord of the Rings statue series This time, the first laser of the Urak-hai, Lurtz is getting his very own incredibly detailed 1/4 scale statue Lurtz is best known and recognized from the films as the scout leader who kills Boromir at the[...]
Wonder Woman Fights the Hydra in New Prime 1 Studio Statue
Prime 1 Studio has unveiled a new DC Comics statue as Wonder Woman takes on a deadly Hydra The statue is based on the concept design of comic artist Jason Fabok Wonder Woman stands 32" tall and is displayed on top of a dynamic base She is trapped in combat with an intense three-headed hydra[...]
Ghost of Tsushima Jin Sakai Becomes The Ghost with Prime 1 Studio
Prime 1 Studio has announced that they are bringing Jin Sakai to life with their newest Ghost of Tsushima statue The 1/4 scale statue will capture the ghost armor that is iconic to the widely popular PlayStation exclusive video game Standing roughly 23 inches tall, Jin Sakai will be posed holding his sword while standing[...]
The Joker From The Dark Knight Is Back with Prime 1 Studios
Prime 1 Studio is taking the fans back to 2008 to relive the Christopher Nolan Batman masterpiece of The Dark Knight The Joker is back once again with a beautifully crafted 29-inch tall statue showcasing one of the best portrayals of the Joker on-screen Prime 1 Studio captures the likeness of the actor Heath Ledger[...]
Harley Quinn Returns to Arkham City With New Prime 1 Studio Statue
Harley Quinn is back once again as Prime 1 Studio announces their newest 1/3 scale statue Coming out of the hit video game Batman: Arkham City, Joker's girlfriend returns in all of her glory Standing 23 inches tall, this devious criminal is displayed on a chair with a specialized base She is wearing the more[...]
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunter Gets New Statue from Prime 1 Studio
Prime 1 Studio has released a new statue from the hit video game series, The Witcher From The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt comes the monster-hunting champion, Geralt of Rivia, with a new 1/3 Scale Statue Standing 35" tall, Geralt is showcased holding three harpy heads as his newest kill as he stands on top of[...]
Batman Court of Owls Talon Statue Arrives At Prime 1 Studio
The DC Comics story arc Batman: The Court of Owls comes to life with Prime 1 Studio One of the Courts highly trained assassins, Talon, is here with this brand new 1/3rd scale statue The Batman villain stands roughly 30″ tall, is posed in an action stance and will come placed on top of a[...]