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Red Hood Take His Shot with New Arkham Knight FIgure from McFarlane 
Red Hood is back at McFarlane Toys with yet another figure for their growing DC Multiverse line This marks the fifth Red Hood to come our way as we have seen a Jason Todd right from DC Comics, then an unmasked Gold Label version, a Three Jokers Jason, as well as the McFarlane Toys Store[...]
McFarlane Toys Reveals 7” Avatar Figures with Jake and Neytiri
McFarlane Toys is leading the charge as they revealed their massive lineup of Avatar figures, mini-dioramas, vehicles, animals, and much more at D23 Some of these are already up for pre-order, including the new 7" figures for Jake Sully and Neytiri Both figures come in window boxed packaging with subtle colors from the world of[...]
McFarlane Debuts New DC Comics Page Punchers for Joker and Batman 
As weird as it is, McFarlane Toys is really dominating the toy world with its massive set of collectibles In the past couple of weeks, we have seen nearly 15 new DC Multiverse figures, and all are expected to release in October and November This is very impressive for any company to do, and most[...]
McFarlane’s Dragons Return with the Eternal Clan Dragon Statue 
McFarlane Toys has announced the return of one of their classic collectibles lines as the world of dragons is back After nearly 14 years, McFarlane's Dragons are back as Series 8 returns with the arrival of the Eternal Clan These statues are better than ever, coming in at roughly 13" tall with impressive detail and[...]
Batman Who Laughs Enters the Mortal Kombat with McFarlane Toys 
There is still plenty of love for The Batman Who Laughs, especially with McFarlane Toys as a new figure has arrived for their Mortal Kombat XI line! That is right, a new bloody contender has arrived at the Mortal Kombat as the Noob Saibo DLC skins come to life Tons of creepy detail was placed[...]
Mortal Kombat XI Shadow of Spawn Figure Revealed by McFarlane 
McFarlane Toys has kicked off a new set of Spawn's Universe figures, that have really been flying off shelves However, that is not the only line we have seen Spawn in, and it looks like Al Simmons is back in the world of Mortal Kombat! Coming out of the DLC from Mortal Kombat 11 another[...]
The Batman Who Laughs Becomes the Darkest Knight with McFarlane
After waking up, he turned away from his classic form and took on a more sinister form and McFarlane Toys has unleashed it! Credit: McFarlane Toys This new DC Multiverse BAF wave brings the events of Dark Nights Death Metal: Speed Metal to life Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Wallace West race against time and[...]
Jay Garrick (Flash) Rides the Lighting with New McFarlane Release
McFarlane Toys has entered the Speed Force and unleashed a new figure for their DC Multiverse figure line Jay Garrick is teaming up with the Flash Family to save the multiverse as we return to the events of DC Comics Dark Nights Death Metal This is the first Jay Garrick figure we have seen, and[...]
Jay Garrick (Flash) Rides the Lighting with New McFarlane Release
McFarlane Toys is bringing the Speed Force story to DC Multiverse with a whole Build-A-Figure wave Kid Flash wears his new metal design with his new red and white speedster costume Translucent elements are features on Kid Flash, giving us a new design and a new speedster for our Speed Force collection I can imagine[...]
Jay Garrick (Flash) Rides the Lighting with New McFarlane Release
Coming out of the pages of DC Comics Dark Nights Death Metal comic event, Wally West is back! It is up to Wally and the rest of the Flash family to take on The Darkest Knight.  McFarlane Toys have revealed a new DC Multiverse Build-A-Figure wave for the Speed Metal One Shot Wally is back in[...]
The Flash Embraces the Speed Metal with New McFarlane Toys Figure
McFarlane Toys is giving The Flash a lot of attention lately with a new Page Punchers line and now a Build-A-Figure wave Coming out of Dark Nights Death Metal: Speed Metal One-Shot, the Flash family are together again and running for their lives They aim to stop the rise of The Darkest Knight, but his[...]
McFarlane Toys Teases Another DC Comics BAF Wave with Speed Metal
It looks like McFarlane Toys is not yet done with DC Comics Dark Nights: Metal This iconic comic event pretty much kicked off the DC Multiverse giving fans plenty of the Dark Multiverse to go around More ground was covered with the Batman Who Laughs in the sequel series Dark Nights: Death Metal which created[...]
Gorilla Grodd Prepares to Take on The Flash with McFarlane Toys 
Beware the might of Gorilla Grodd as McFarlane Toys has surprised DC Multiverse fans with another release Grodd is the first MegaFig to release as part of their DC Direct 7" Page Punchers line The intelligent primate will be part of the new The Flash wave, which also consists of Flash, Atom, Captain Cold, and[...]
McFarlane Toys Takes on Batman: Hush with Exclusive Superman Figure
Just when you think McFarlane Toys was done, they continue to reveal even more DC Multiverse figures It looks like the hit DC Comics storyline Batman: Hush is coming to the popular 7" figure line as Superman falls to the seductive powers of Poison Ivy This new Superman comes right off the pages of the[...]
McFarlane Toys Turns Up the Heat with New DC Comics Heatwave Figure
Another member of The Flash's Rogues Gallery is coming to McFarlane Toys with yet another Page Punchers figure Heat Wave is joining Captain Cold with a brand new armored-up figure for the new The Flash Page Punchers line This wave consists of a new  Flash comic featuring a story based on the Scarlet Speedster, DC[...]