Masters of the Universe Mondo Figures Look Like Must-Owns

Masters of the Universe collectors took notice the other day when before SDCC they finally revealed their long-in-the-making 1/6 scale figures. Hitting the con floor today, we went by the Diamond booth where they had not only the He-Man and Skeletor that we saw in those photos. No, they also had the up-until now only […]

Super7 Masters of the Universe Hordak's Lair

Visiting Hordak's Lair on SDCC Preview Night at SDCC

Hordak's Lair was a genuine thrill for Masters of the Universe and She-Ra fans on Preview Night here in San Diego. The Super7 store was taken over by the Horde, and fun and figures were had by all. The big draw here was of course the Laughing Prince Adam figure, by far one of the […]

Masters of the Universe 1:6 Scale Skeletor Mondo Figure

Masters of the Universe 1/6 Scale Figures Coming from Mondo

Masters of the Universe is everywhere as of late. The Toys That Made Us episode of the show was a huge hit, and it has really reinvigorated interest in both the series as a whole — and, most importantly, toys. Super7 is firing on all cylinders with their offerings, and now Mondo is getting in […]

Masters of the Universe MOTU Vintage Figures Wave 1

Masters of the Universe Vintage Figures from Super7 Up for Order Now

Masters of the Universe and Super7 seem to be a match made in heaven for collectors. On top of their ReAction line and the continuation of the Classics and Funimation lines, we now are getting vintage carded figures. Done in the classic MOTU scale of 5.5 inch scale, these come on vintage cardbacks complete with […]

Masters of the Universe ReAction Figures Wave 4 1

Masters of the Universe ReAction Figures Wave 4 Up For Order Now From Super7

Masters of the Universe wave 4 ReAction figures have been announced by Super7. They teased a MOTU announcement for today on their Instagram and twitter, and fans have got to be excited about these. So many cool ones here, I am not sure where to start. Faker, Ram man, Scare Glow, Orko, Mekaneck, and Evil-Lyn […]

Masters of the Universe Orko Statue 5

Masters of the Universe Fans are Going to Want This Orko Statue

Masters of the Universe fan favorite Orko has a new statue coming this summer. It will be done in collaboration between Sideshow Collectibles and Tweeterhead Studios. There will be a regular edition and a limited edition version of the statue, with the limited edition version coming with a swappable arm holding an open spellbook. "Magic, […]

best toys 2017

Bleeding Cool's Best Collectibles of 2017: WWE, Marvel, Alien, and More!

2017 was a fantastic year for collectors. Figure sculpts continue to get better and better, from mass releases to high-end items. Statues keep getting bigger and more jaw-dropping in quality. New companies spring up almost weekly, and everyone seems to be doing the best work they have ever done. With that in mind, we have […]

masters of the universe funko pops

Masters Of The Universe Gets A Giant Wave Of Funko Pops

Masters of the Universe is getting a new, giant wave of Funko Pops. After a few figures through the years, including some of the first animation figures Funko ever did, we finally are getting a giant wave. He-Man and his friends have had a bit of a resurgence as of late. I watched a ton […]


Skeletor And He-Man Are Back With MoneySuperMarket And It Is Epic(ally Gay)! is an insurance comparison website in the UK. They have a tendency of making somewhat crazy and weird adverts to advertise their skills as a comparison site for saving users money. Recently, one such advert saw He-Man's arch-nemesis dancing down a modern UK high street, having saved money on the website. Well, now he's […]

Skeletor Has Put On His Dancing Shoes

There are some commercials on television that I look at and I wish I was in the room when the idea was pitched. Just to see how it was done. The So Money Supermarket campaign is already known for having some pretty unique commercials and featuring some rather interesting dancers. But they may have out-done […]

Wondercon Swipe File: The Skeletor Of Spades

This article used to host a swipe file showing two images, one by Tom Bryski, exhibiting at Wondercon, and another by Josh Ellingson created in 2008, that looked fairly similar, sent in by a reader. Tom got rather upset about this, demanded we take it down and threatened legal action. Swipe File has covered the […]