Live From London Toy Fair in The Daily LITG, 24th January 2023

An LITG run around the previous day on Bleeding Cool, as well as a look at what's coming up, and writing today from London's Toy Fair. Now with added Todd McFarlane.

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I'm at London Toy Fair today for its press day. I wonder what I will come across on my travels?

Live, From London Toy Fair in The Daily LITG, 24th January 2023
Photo /Rich Johnston

LITG: The ten most popular stories yesterday

  1. The Expanse Returns in April For "Season Seven", Dragon Tooth
  2. A Big Change To The Superman Family This Week (SuperSpoilers)
  3. Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1 Gets Five Scratch-Off Variant Covers
  4. Dawn Of DC Plans for Steel- The Family of John Henry Irons (Spoilers)
  5. Sweep, Hot Character Find Of 2023 in Justice Society Of America #2
  6. Succession Season 4: Skarsgard, Braun Offer 1-Word Description Teases
  7. M&Ms Folds Under Pressure, Puts Spokescandies on "Indefinite Pause"
  8. Doctor Who: RTD Reaffirms Christmas Special; Calls Out Graham Norton
  9. The Three-Body Problem Episode 6 Watered Down by Censorship: Review 
  10. It Isn't Easy Being Green for Beast Boy & Martian Manhunter (Spoilers)

ICYMI: More comic book stories from yesterday

LITG one year ago, Something Supernatural Something

Supernatural — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  1. Jensen Ackles on Supernatural Prequel & Jared Padalecki: "I Messed Up"
  2. Jared Padalecki to Supernatural Fans' Podcast Pushback: "Stand Down"
  3. Mary Jane and Black Cat Beyond #1 Preview: Working for The Hood
  4. Rick and Morty Mocks Us with Season 4 Mystery We Need Solved Badly
  5. Hasbro Showcases Upcoming Marvel Legends 2022 Iron Spider Figure
  6. DC Comics Cancel The Joker As Well As The Justice League
  7. Jim Lee Honours George Pérez At DC Comics HQ In Burbank
  8. DC Cancels Orders, Reschedules Omnibuses & Green Lantern Alliance OGN
  9. The Endgame Trailer: NBC Thriller W/ Morena Baccarin Looks Blacklist-y
  10. GI Joe Kicks Off The New Year With Classified & O-Ring Reveals
  11. Comic Store In Your Future: 25 Hot Comics By Rodman Comics
  12. Webtoon, Tapas: Are Korean Comics Obsessed with Revenge?
  13. Saturday Morning GI Joe Thanks FOC It's Sunday, 23rd January 2022
  14. Amazing Spider-Man #86 Tops Bleeding Cool Bestseller List
  15. The Coming of the Silver Surfer and Galactus up for Auction
  16. Corollary & Buzzard And Bone in Source Point Press April 2022 Solicits
  17. Speed Meets Mortal Engines in 78MPH #1 – Red 5 April 2022 Solicits
  18. Nyobi Gets Her Origins In Antarctic Press April 2022 Solicits
  19. Behemoth Comics Launch Vermillion #0 By Bräo In April 2022 Solicits
  20. Supernatural Something Or Other in The Daily LITG 23rd January 2022

LITG two years ago, Flash, Funko, Leia and the ten most-read stories yesterday…

The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns.

  1. Star Wars Princess Leia Gets New A New Hope Gentle Giant Statue
  2. The Flash Star Danielle Panabaker Shows Off Their Season 7 Gift
  3. Funko Unveils Marvel Infinity Warps Pop Vinyls at Funko Fair
  4. Saved by the Bell: Mario Lopez Supports Dustin Diamond's Cancer Fight
  5. Funko Sadly Disappoints With Marvel Funko Fair Announcements
  6. Don't Miss Out: Get a Meteor Mash Metagross in Pokémon GO
  7. Raiding Pokémon GO – The Daily LITG, 22nd January 2021
  8. Kevin Maguire Justice League Cover Rejected By DC Is Up For Auction
  9. Our Second Glimpse Of The Heroes Reborn Marvel Comics Characters
  10. Star Wars, Krystina Arielle & Why White Whine Really Doesn't Age Well
  11. Richard Meyer Donates Leftover Legal Cash To Charity, Including BINC
  12. Alex Assan Sells Graphic Novel Sunhead To Harper Alley
  13. Freakshow Knight, Duplicant & Chess in Second Sight April Solicits
  14. Brian K Vaughan Won Alan Moore Gen 13 Auction – And Is Giving It Away
  15. How The Original Art From Web Of Spider-Man #15 Changed For Print
  16. Arsenal Football Club Graphic Novel in Titan April 2021 Solicitations

LITG three years ago – we knew Secret Invasion was coming

And Hulu had something new.

  1. Marvel Studios Greenlights 2 Unannounced TV Series [SCOOP]
  2. "Solar Opposites": Hulu, "Rick and Morty" Duo's New Series Lands in May
  3. Marvel Will Ship 15 X-Men Comics in April, But None of Them Twice
  4. Carol Danvers to Lose Her Shirt in Poker Game with Wolverine in April's Captain Marvel #17
  5. BOOM! to Cancel Power Rangers Comic in April
  6. "Modern Family" S11 "Dead on A Rival" [Preview]: Old Names, New Opps
  7. How Wonder Woman #750 Kicks Off The New DC Timeline With President Roosevelt and Bombshells Spoilers
  8. Age of Khonshu Begins, Avengers Fall as Moon Knight Comes to Avengers in April
  9. Funko London Toy Fair 2020 Reveals: Funko Vinyl Soda Figure Line
  10. Mindless Speculation: Did Metal 2: Death Metal Begin In Yesterday's Wonder Woman #750?

LITG four years ago, DC liquidated Action Comics #1000

And Supergirl made an impression.

  1. DC Comics Liquidates Action Comics #1000 to Retailers
  2. 'Supergirl' Melissa Benoist Does Her Best Tommy Wiseau 'The Room' Impression
  3. ComiXology Bestseller List, 23rd February 2019 – Umbrella Academy Outsells X-Men
  4. Meet the Justice Society Of America in Doomsday Clock #10
  5. Can Nazi Captain America Buy a Presidential Pardon From Donald Trump?

Comic book industry birthdays

Comics folk are still getting older and still celebrating that special date.

  • Steve Geppi, CEO, president and owner of Diamond Comic Distributors
  • Ben Morse, former Editorial Director of Marvel Digital and writer for Wizard
  • Tony Zallocco, publisher of Terrific Comics.
  • William Binderup, manager of Elite Comics, Kansas.
  • Jason Moser, creator of Death Walks The Streets and Ellium.
  • Roger Robinson, comics artist on Gotham Nights, Azrael and The Web.
  • Rafael Nieves, comics writer on Tales From The Heart, Hellstorm and Rogues.
  • Daniel Maia, artist on X.

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