David Tennant Doctor Who on the BBC- The Daily LITG 18th August 2022

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LITG: New Who

BBC to Stream New David Tennant Doctor Who, Free, Globally, This Week
Unseen David Tennant Doctor Who in the Daily LITG 17th of August 2022
  1. BBC to Stream New David Tennant Doctor Who, Free, Globally, This Week
  2. Frank Miller's First Work For Marvel In Almost Thirty Years
  3. DC Launches Arkham Academy as the Opposite of Teen Titans Academy
  4. Superman and Lois: Jordan Elsass Exits Series for "Personal Reasons"
  5. Mortal Kombat Trilogy Comes To GOG For Franchise's 30th Anniversary
  6. Zacian Raid Guide For Pokémon GO Players: August 2022
  7. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 Gets Special Editions
  8. The Orville: Penny Johnson Jerald on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Run
  9. The Sandman Episode 5: How "24/7" Changed From Comics To Screen
  10. Marvel's Creative Team on Fantastic Four is Ryan North & Iban Coello

ICYMI: In case you missed it

LITG one year ago: Jonathan Hickman Leaves X-Men

Did X-Men Inferno Begin In Wolverine #13?
Jonathan Hickman Leaves X-Men in The Daily LITG, 18th August 2021
  1. Jonathan Hickman Confirms He Will Leave X-Men After Inferno
  2. The Poorest Attempt To Remove An Artist Signature From A Marvel Cover
  3. Leah Williams On X-Factor #10 Being Cancelled, Then Rewritten
  4. Doctor Who Series 13: BBC Releases Fresh Look at New Team TARDIS
  5. Marvel Comics Solicitations For November 2021, Frankensteined
  6. The Boomer Humor Of Grant Morrison In Superman & The Authority #2
  7. Dick Grayson To Be A Socialist Batman – Nightwing #83 Spoilers
  8. What Do You Get For Your Donny Cates/Ryan Stegman Substack Money?
  9. Marvel Cancels Daredevil With #36 With Kingpin/Typhoid Mary Wedding
  10. Greg Berlanti & "Green" Arrow Convinced Stephen Amell to Return
  11. Howl at the Moon for Danny Lore and Gio Sposito's Lunar Room at Vault
  12. Cantwell, Casalunguida to Solve Kennedy Assassination in New Comic
  13. DC Gets Into Bed With Webtoon For Digital Comics
  14. Masks, Shots, Tests Needed For NYCC, ECCC, Florida, C2E2 Comic Con
  15. Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman Talk To Rich Johnston About Their Substack
  16. Gregg Hurwitz & Mark Texeira's Knighted, Batman Of The AWA Universe
  17. Jim Mahfood Brings Back Grrl Scouts With Stone Ghost at Image Comics
  18. Stephen Mooney & Jethro Morales Launch Sheena, Queen of The Jungle
  19. Yes, Jessica Cruz Will Become A Yellow Lantern, It Seems
  20. Mike Huddleston Shows The Marble Arch Mound How To Do It
  21. Marvel Comics Signature Removal In The Daily LITG, 17th August 2021

LITG two years ago, Hot Wheels, Trump and DC Comics

Hot Wheel from San Diego, followed by Dave Bautista's own slams on Donald Trump. With DC street dates and Iron Man Funko to follow.

  1. SDCC Hot Wheels from Mattel Have Arrived, Let's Take a Look!
  2. Dave Bautista Targeted on Social Media for Donald Trump Criticism
  3. DC Comics Street-Date Fail – Comic Stores Not Playing By The Rules
  4. Funko Marvel Cinematic Universe – Iron Man (2008)
  5. Scott Snyder, Tony S Daniel Kickstarter Launch New Comic, Nocternal
  6. WWE Took Back All of The Big Show's Slammy Awards
  7. Seven More Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming X-Men Comics
  8. Return Of Milestone Comics Announced (Again) at DC Fandome
  9. Lucifer – Tom Ellis' Past Lives: Doctor Who, Eastenders, Merlin & More
  10. Chris Claremont Returns To Wolverine: Black, White And Blood
  11. Al Ewing Will Probably Write Something X-Men Related Soon
  12. Separated At Birth: Mamamoo's Hip vs Jackie Q's Ring Around My Rosie
  13. Is Boom Studios' Favorite Image Series Actually Getting It Together?
  14. Mad Max Meets Wizard of Oz in New Kickstarter, The O.Z.
  15. Ghostwatch: The BBC 1992 TV Play That Terrified the Nation

LITG three years ago…

DC Comics were doing their best to hide stuff even then.

  1. "Animal Kingdom": [SPOILERS] Death Was "Smurf-tastic" Move [Opinion]
  2. Guardian Publishes Art Spiegelman's Full Essay That Marvel Rejected Over Politics
  3. Finally, Todd McFarlane's Own Cover For Spawn #300
  4. House Of X #4 Will Break Your Heart With One Line
  5. "The Rookie" & Afton Williamson: ABC's Not New at This [OPINION]
  6. "Timeless," "Pushing Daisies" & More: Bad Cancels [BC TV MELTDOWN]
  7. Editorial Back-and-Forth-and-Back-and-Forths on the Legion Of Super-Heroes?
  8. Wolverine's Daughter Sends Him to Hell in Marvel Comics Presents #8 [Preview]
  9. "The Flash" Season 6: Danielle Panabaker's "Hall of Villains" Post [Image]
  10. "Elementary": The End of the Modern Sherlock Holmes Era [OPINION]

Comic Book birthdays today.

There might be partially slightly more of a party atmosphere right now. It all depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are still getting older and still celebrating that special date with twelve years for us as well.

  • Brian Bendis, co-creator of Powers, Miles Morales, Jessica Jones and current Justice League writer.
  • Jeffrey Lang, writer of Grendel Tales.
  • David Barbour writer of Gunfighters In Hell and Spring-Heeled Jack
  • Skip Dietz, former Sales Manager at Marvel Comics.
  • Christopher Allen, inker for Antarctic Press

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