Frank MIller Has A Thing In The Daily LITG 19th August 2022

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Frank MIller Has A Thing In The Daily LITG 19th August 2022
Frank MIller Has A Thing In The Daily LITG 19th August 2022

LITG: Frank MIller's Thing

  1. Frank Miller's First Work For Marvel In Almost Thirty Years
  2. Diamond Comic Distributors Sues GameStop For Three Million Dollars
  3. Zacian Raid Guide For Pokémon GO Players: August 2022
  4. DC Launches Arkham Academy as the Opposite of Teen Titans Academy
  5. Full Marvel Comics November 2022 Solicits & Solicitations
  6. HBO Max Titles Pulled: Aquaman, Close Enough, Infinity Train & More
  7. Old Man Rights Purchased By RLJE Films, Releasing October 14th
  8. DC Celebrates Image's 30th Anniversary With WildCATS Comic & More
  9. Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again After Judgment Day? It's A Lie
  10. Marvel To Publish CrossGen Tales To Keep Disney Trademarks On Them

ICYMI: In case you missed it

LITG one year ago: Nightwing Goes Where Batman Wouldn't

The First Robin To Do What Batman Never Did - Nightwing #76 Spoilers
Nightwing Goes Where Batman Never Would – The Daily LITG, 19th August 2021
  1. Dick Grayson To Be A Socialist Batman – Nightwing #83 Spoilers
  2. Leah Williams On X-Factor #10 Being Cancelled, Then Rewritten
  3. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Olson Signals Season 15 Day 1 Start
  4. Jonathan Hickman Leaves X-Men in The Daily LITG, 18th August 2021
  5. Orchis – The Big Bad Of All The Marvel X-Men Comics
  6. The Trial Of Magneto – And Also Of Krakoa (X-Spoilers)
  7. Jonathan Hickman Confirms He Will Leave X-Men After Inferno
  8. DC Comics Lobo DC Multiverse Figure Arrives from McFarlane Toys
  9. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Announces Update With Baruffio's Change
  10. Doctor Who Showrunner "Law" Ultimate British Fanboy Gatekeeping
  11. Dark Horse Comics Full Solicits & Solicitations for November 2021
  12. A Thing Called Truth Comes to Image from Alice in Leatherland Team
  13. Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden Adapt Hellboy Prose Novel to Comics
  14. Cyberpunk Comic Fox and Hare Comes to Vault in November
  15. Did You Get Your Copy Of Fungirl On FCBD? No? Kids On Long Island Did
  16. Which Bad Idea Hero Trade: Passive/Aggressive Comic Did You Get?
  17. Archie Unveils Spring 2022 Graphic Novel Slate
  18. Bite Sized Archie Collection Coming in Spring 2022
  19. When Bleeding Cool Found Out About 5G, It Was Still News To Creators
  20. John Paul Leon's Die Hard Cover, At Auction Today
  21. Alan Moore & Rick Veitch Swamp Thing Original Art Up For Auction
  22. Christos Gage and Marc Borstel Launch New Nyx Series From Dynamite
  23. Black Cat's Route To Confronting Thanos With The Infinity Stones
  24. How Kang Got His Stripes (Kang The Conqueror #1 Spoilers)
  25. FREE: Happy Hour #1 In Full By Peter Milligan & Michael Montenat
  26. Seven of Nine Falls in Star Trek: The Next Generation Original Art
  27. The Trial Of Magneto – And Also Of Krakoa (X-Spoilers)
  28. BTS To Be Part Of DC's Webtoon Digital Comic Books Deal?
  29. Hero Trade, Last Chance For First Customer Pin Before Bad Idea Reveal
  30. Jonathan Hickman Leaves X-Men in The Daily LITG, 18th August 2021

LITG two years ago, Pokemon Go, Supernatural, Venompool and Nightwing

Pokemon GO is still driving so much attention, but a little relationship news from Supernatural also turns heads. Venompool is designed to appeal and everyone likes to see Nightwing's changing status…

  1. Venipede Spotlight Hour Is Tonight In Pokémon GO: Will It Be Shiny?
  2. Supernatural Stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles Make It Official
  3. New Venom Marvel Legends Wave Announced with Venompool BAF
  4. A New Origin (For Now) For Dick Grayson In Nightwing #73 (Spoilers)
  5. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Funko Pops Have Arrived
  6. Ex-Squidbillies Actor Takes Firing Well: "Hope You A**holes are Happy"
  7. Chris Claremont Returns To Wolverine: Black, White And Blood
  8. Squidbillies Creators Fire Actor for Offensive Dolly Parton, BLM Posts
  9. Christopher Priest's Writers Commentary, Justifying Vampirella #10
  10. Donny Cates Has a 5 Year Batman Plan – Also Constantine and Authority
  11. Comics & Geeks, First Comic Store in The South Owned by a Black Woman
  12. Si Spurrier on the Cancellation Of John Constantine… and Heartbreak
  13. DC Comics Street-Date Fail – Comic Stores Not Playing By The Rules
  14. Hero Collector Publishes DC Collections in November 2020 Solicits
  15. The Latest On Poison Ivy in Harley Quinn #75 and Batman #97 (Spoilers)

What was happening three years ago.

Whatever happened to Wolverine's daughter? Is she on Krakoa?

  1. Wolverine's Daughter Sends Him to Hell in Marvel Comics Presents #8 [Preview]
  2. "Timeless," "Pushing Daisies" & More: Bad Cancels [BC TV MELTDOWN]
  3. Tony Stark's Shocking Revelation in Iron Man #15 [Preview]
  4. Harley Quinn Beats the Bat With New DC Collectibles Statue
  5. "Animal Kingdom": [SPOILERS] Death Was "Smurf-tastic" Move [Opinion]
  6. Finally, Todd McFarlane's Own Cover For Spawn #300
  7. "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" – Kevin Smith, Netflix Cartoon Series
  8. "Preacher" Season 4, E04 "Search and Rescue" Preview: Tulip & Jesus
  9. "Supernatural" Farewell Tour Has Begun – Yes, There Will Be Tears [Video]
  10. Unmasking Spider-Man in Superior Spider-Man #10 [Preview]
  11. House Of X #4 Will Break Your Heart With One Line

Comic Book birthdays today.

There might be partially slightly more of a party atmosphere right now. It all depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are still getting older and still celebrating that special date with twelve years for us as well.

  • Gene Ha, co-creator of Top Ten, creator of Mae.
  • Joshua Fialkov, writer of I Vampire, Doctor Who, The Ultimates, co-creator of The Bunker, The Life After, Elk's Run
  • James Kenneth Woodward, artist on Fallen Angel.
  • Brian Haberlin, co-creator of Witchblade, The Marked, Sonata, creator of Anomaly.
  • Paul Renaud, artist on Vampirella, Dejah Thoris, Red Sonja, Lord Of The Jungle.

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