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The Flash Of 3000 Pieces in The Daily LITG, 14th April 2023

An LITG runaround the previous day on Bleeding Cool, and the past four years, as well as Dave Gibbons, Dan Clowes & Gerhard's birthdays!

Welcome to the Daily LITG. The world can seem like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but at Bleeding Cool, you can still read all about comics, merch, TV shows, games, movies, and more. The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here.

The ten most popular stories yesterday

McFarlane Toys Unveils 3,000 Piece DC Multiverse The Flash Figure
Credit: McFarlane Toys
  1. McFarlane Toys Unveils 3,000 Piece DC Multiverse The Flash Figure
  2. Marvel To Launch Marvel Zero In July 2023 
  3. DC Comics Giving Away Green Lantern Rings Again With New #1
  4. Everything We Know About DC Comics' Knight Terrors Event So Far
  5. From The Ashes Of ComiXology Rises DSTLRY – Full Creator List 
  6. Titans #1 Gets Trading Card Variant – But Not Like X-Force 
  7. Star Trek: Picard "Vox" & Finale: Even Wil Wheaton's on Spoiler Watch
  8. NECA Reveals Batman 1989 Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle Set 
  9. The Return of Starweird to Star Wars, Courtesy of Marvel Comics 
  10. Future Of The X-Men Prophesied In X-Men #21 – Fall Of X Spoilers

LITG: more comics stories you may prefer

LITG one year ago, Flash Movie Prequel Delayed

DC ComicsDC Cancels The Ezra Miller Flash Movie Prequel
Flash Orders Cancelled in The Daily LITG, 14th of April 2022
  1. DC Cancels The Ezra Miller Flash Movie Prequel
  2. Umbrella Academy Breaks Hearts Introducing Sparrow Number 6 Jayme
  3. How Each Green Lantern Will Look Going Forward (Spoilers)
  4. How New Wolverine Got Her Adamantium Skeleton (X-Men #10 Spoilers)
  5. Superman, Rockstar; Lois, Jordan & Jonathan Go Emo: S02E10 Preview
  6. Star Trek: Picard S02 Cameo Hits Close to Home for Sir Patrick Stewart
  7. Star Wars Aliens and Creatures Get Turned Into Babies with Mattel
  8. Is Moira Mactaggert The Great Traitor Of Mutants? (X-Men Spoilers)
  9. NBC Revival Pilot "True Quantum Leap Episode", "Homage to The Series"
  10. DC Comics Writers Had Rewrites Over The Death Of The Justice League
  11. Kevin Conroy, The Voice Of Batman The Animated Series, Joins DC Pride
  12. Ms. Marvel Teams with Marvel's Edgiest Anti-Heroes in New One-Shots
  13. Matt Kindt Gets Own Imprint at Dark Horse, New Mind MGMT Coming
  14. Promethee 13:13: ABLAZE's Intense Sci-Fi Psy-Horror Graphic Novel
  15. Jonathan Crane's Keeping Two Graphic Novel is Stuck in Chesapeake Bay
  16. One Page of Jim Lee X-Men Art Sold For Over 1/3 of a Million Last Week
  17. Valiant Entertainment Signs Deal For Adult Novel Line & Audio Books
  18. Ram V, Rafael Albuquerque, Si Spurrier & Dani Take Detective Comics
  19. Dark Nights: Metal Gets An Omnibus Announced For 2023
  20. Marvel Confirms New X-Terminators Project For July
  21. Now Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic Gets A #100 As Well
  22. How X-Men '92 Does House Of X, Today (Spoilers)
  23. Sparrow Number 6 Jayme in The Daily LITG, 13th of April 2022

LITG two years ago, Barbara Gordon's Brand New Look

Oracle Gets A New Look And Status From DC Comics Today (Spoilers)
Oracle Gets A New Look And Status From DC Comics Today (Spoilers)
  1. Barbara Gordon's New Look & Status From DC Comics Today (Spoilers)
  2. Marvel Confirms Marrow and Armor Lost the X-Men Vote
  3. Rick Grimes and Clementine Return To The Walking Dead In Skybound X
  4. Today Is Shiny Mankey Spotlight Hour In Pokemon GO
  5. Rorschach #7 May Be The Maddest Comic Of The Year (Spoilers)
  6. The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Gets New 1/3 Statue From JND Studios
  7. Supergirl S06E03 Preview: Kara's New Ally? Lex Goes After Luthor Corp
  8. Powerpuff: Meet The CW's Live-Action Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup
  9. Cornering The Market On Sales Of Amazing Spider-Man #1 For $17
  10. Jeopardy Fans, Celebrities Unite to Help Make LeVar Burton Next Host
  11. Peter David – But No Quesada Or Stroman – For X-Men Legends In July
  12. The Real Story Of Frank Miller & Otto Binder's Rorschach Seance Tape
  13. MPLS Sound, A Graphic Novel On Prince's Impact On Minneapolis Music
  14. Agnez Mo's 'Long As I Get Paid' Becomes Graphic Novel, Don't Wake Up
  15. Rick Grimes and Clementine Return To The Walking Dead In Skybound X
  16. Batman: The Detective #1, A New Squire, But How Does London Stand Up?
  17. How Much Will A Daredevil #1 9.6 Go For After Last Week's Sale?
  18. When Jason Todd Murdered Another Abuser, In 1988 (Spoilers)
  19. First Appearance Of Doctor Doom and The Skrulls, Up for Auction Today
  20. Detective Comics #38: First Appearance Of Robin Always Breaks Records
  21. Everyone's Going BRZRKR For Keanu Reeves' Later Printings
  22. One Year Ago Boris Johnson Recovered From Coronavirus Reading Tintin

LITG three years ago, Zoom, Saul and Superman

People loved those DC, Marvel and Batman Zoom backgrounds. But it was also all about bringing the direct market back.

  1. DC Comics Offers Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom Conferencing
  2. Better Call Saul's Final Episode is "Something Unforgivable"
  3. Mondo Releasing New A Clockwork Orange Poster Tomorrow
  4. Street Fighter V Chun-Li Hits the Beach With PCS Collectibles
  5. Someone Made A DOOMBlade From DOOM Eternal
  6. The Death of Superman and of Comics – Michael Davis, From the Edge
  7. Ubisoft Releases The "Just Dance 2020" Song List
  8. Lana Speaks Out About Bobby Lashley Cuckold Storyline from WWE Raw
  9. DC May Be Moving Creators to New Batman Black and White Comics
  10. Diamond Comic Distributors Furloughs Employees, Beginning Today

LITG four years ago, Rob Liefeld Offered John Byrne $150,000 an Issue to Draw Supreme

We do find it fun when stories from the past emerge in a way that makes us blink and wonder what just happened. Such a the kind of day when Rob Liefeld could make such an offer to John Byrne – and Byrne could turn it down…

  1. When Rob Liefeld Offered John Byrne $150,000 an Issue to Draw Supreme
  2. Mindless Speculation: What Could DC's Hitman Cancellation Mean For 'The Suicide Squad'?
  3. In Next Week's Uncanny X-Men, a Character Will DIE!!! (Spoilers)
  4. Tim Drake Will Get a New Identity Again in Young Justice #7
  5. Kathleen Kennedy on What 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Title Means [SWCC]

Comic book birthdays today

There may still not be much of a party atmosphere right now. It all depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are always getting older and still celebrating that special date.

  • Dave Gibbons, of Kingsman, Watchmen and The Originals
  • Richard Emms, of Limited Comics
  • Christopher Gutierrez of 4am Friends
  • Sheli Crabtree, artist at Comic Petals
  • Travis Gibb, writer of Broke Down & Four Dead Bodies
  • Miceal Celtwriter, comic book translator and adapter.
  • GM Jordan, comics editor
  • Chuck Dixon, writer of Airboy, Batman and Punisher, creator of Bane.
  • Gerhard, artist on Cerebus
  • Dan Clowes, creator of Eightball

If you are in comics and have a birthday coming up – or you know someone who has – get in touch at

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