Rick And Mortified in The Daily LITG, 2nd of February 2023

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Rick And Mortified in The Daily LITG, 2nd of February 2023
Image: Adult Swim Screencap

LITG: The ten most popular stories yesterday

  1. Rick and Morty Writer Clues Us In on Reason for Justin Roiland Silence
  2. The Nevers: Joss Whedon Series' Unaired 6 Episodes Set for Roku, Tubi 
  3. Dark Web Finale Makes Major Change To Marvel New York City (Spoilers) 
  4. Marvel Remove Masks Today In X-Force, Legion Of X, Avengers (Spoilers)
  5. Nightwing Gets The Shaft Yet Again With New DC Slate 
  6. First Damian Wayne $500 Sale After James Gunn DC Studios Speculation
  7. Steven Moffat Sees Doctor Who Going on Forever, Still Not Coming Back
  8. Lunar Wants People To Report Comic Stores Selling DC Comics Early
  9. DC-Loving Congressman Robert Garcia Shows Off U.S. Comic Collection
  10. Jai West & Gold Beetle, A New Heterosexual Couple For DC Comics?

ICYMI: More comic book stories from yesterday

LITG one year ago, Armorer Vs Bo-Katan

Mandalorian: Katee Sackhoff Talks Bo-Katan's Star Wars Journey
Pedro Pascal as Mando and Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan Kryze in The Mandalorian. Image courtesy of Lucasfilm
  1. The Book of Boba Fett: Armorer & Bo-Katan Have Twitter Mini Face-Off
  2. South Park S25E01: They Gotta Fight for Their Right to "Pajama" Party
  3. Hasbro Reveals Yet Another Star Wars Boba Fett Deluxe Figure
  4. Kieron Gillen & Valerio Schiti's X-Men/Eternals/Avengers Marvel Event
  5. So Many Of Us Issues An Update Regarding Warren Ellis
  6. Comic Book Writer & Editor Brian Augustyn Died This Weekend, Aged 67
  7. Lex Luthor Gets A Brand New Look In Batman #120 (Spoilers)
  8. Frank Cho Outrage Sketch Covers For Star Wars And Power Girl
  9. Cucked And Killed? It's A Bad Day To Be Thomas Wayne (Spoilers)
  10. Comic Book Workers United Union File Labor Dispute Against Image
  11. My Buddy, Killer Croc by Sara Farizan, Nicoletta Baldari & DC Comics
  12. Marvel's Free Comic Book Day Introduces X-Men's Hellfire Gala 2
  13. Canadian Trucker Protest Impacts Comics Delivery To American Stores
  14. Daniel Cherry III Moves From DC Comics To SVP Of Adidas
  15. Another Replacement For Arkham Asylum And What Keeps Arkham Tower Up?
  16. Lex Luthor Gets A Brand New Look In Batman #120 (Spoilers)
  17. Justice League Incarnate Quotes Arrowverse Crisis On Infinite Earths
  18. Jo Rogan Wants To Do Something In The Daily LITG 1st February 2022

LITG two years ago, Pokémon GO, Sandman, Lucifer –  the ten most-read stories yesterday…

The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns.

  1. Pokémon GO Announces Quality Of Life Updates For February 2021
  2. Royal Rumble 2021 – WWE Hates Us So Of Course Roman Wins Over KO
  3. Jonathan Hickman Brings Ultimate Reed Richards' The City To The X-Men
  4. Poké Spotlight: Getting To Know Larvitar Outside Of Pokémon GO
  5. MAJOR SPOILERS For Avengers #42, Changing Thor's History Forever
  6. Thor Is Now An Atheist In Heroes Reborn #1-4 For May 2021
  7. Marvel Legends Maestro Now Available To Order From Hasbro
  8. Future State: Superman Of Metropolis #2 Goes Back To The New 52
  9. Funko Fair Weekend Recap – Let the Television Binge Begin
  10. Tom King's Suspicions About Donald Trump Gaining Traction?
  11. In Teddy We Trust #1 – Free Comic, Just Leave Me A Review
  12. Valiant to Make Collectibles Even More Useless with Blockchain
  13. Are Reddit Short-Squeezing Red X? Future State: Teen Titans Expolodes
  14. Is Mephisto The Big Bad Of Avengers, Heroes Reborn And WandaVision?
  15. Is $222 For Invincible #1 9.8 A Steal Right Now?
  16. The Bleeding Cool First Review of Keanu Reeves' BRZRKR Comic Book
  17. Something Is Killing The Children #15 Last One Until May 2020
  18. Mindless Speculation: Will Jane Foster Be The New Phoenix?
  19. Something Is Killing The Children TPB For $70, Order Form For $150
  20. Nikki Giovanni Creates Black Panther Story For Tales Of Wakanda

LITG three years ago – it was Frank Miller Vs DC Over Credits

And it was Phoenix Jones under the cosh.

  1. Frank Miller's CEO Silenn Thomas Vs DC Comics Over "Birds Of Prey" Movie?
  2. Real-Life Superhero of Seattle, Phoenix Jones, Arrested Again – This Time On Drugs Charges
  3. Exactly What Happened Between Bruce Wayne And Barbara Gordon That So Estranged Dick Grayson On Batman Beyond? (SPOILERS)
  4. "My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising" Release Date Announced
  5. "The Amazing Race": This "Race" As Thrilling, "Amazing" As Ever [Opinion]
  6. "The Gentlemen" Review: Quintessential Guy Ritchie Sprinkled With Casual Racism
  7. First Appearance of The Amazing Sphulker-Man in Immortal Hulk: Great Power #1 [Preview]
  8. Funko Avengers: Assemble Iron Man Pop Vinyl Has Finally Landed
  9. Eric M Esquivel and Eddie Berganza Launch New Comics Publisher. Yup.
  10. "Starship Troopers" Bugs Come to Life with Good Smile Company

LITG four years ago – Overwatch dropped prices

And Dr Samuel Beckett hoped his next leap would be the leap home.

  1. Blizzard Randomly Slashed Prices on Overwatch Permanently
  2. Scott Bakula Suggests an Awesome 'Quantum Leap', 'NCIS' Crossover
  3. Geraldine Viswanathan Responds to 'Ms. Marvel' Fan Casting
  4. 'Real Time with Bill Maher': Why the 'Iron Man 3' Actor's Comics "New Rules" is Old Hate
  5. Next Week's Punisher #7 Exposes the Size of Frank Castle's Penis (Spoilers)

Comic book industry birthdays.

There may still not be much of a party atmosphere right now. All depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are always getting older and still celebrating that special date.

  • Ilias Kyriazis, comic book creator on Collapser, Dirk Gently, Blood Opera and Manifesto. 
  • Micah Ian Wright, writer of Stormwatch. For a bit.
  • Bob Schreck, editor, publisher, founder of Oni Comics.
  • Ramon Gil, founder/organiser of FIT Diversity Comic Con
  • Sally Jane Hurst, artist and colourist on Judge Dredd.

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