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The 100 Most-Read Stories On Bleeding Cool Of 2021

It's New Year's Eve 2021, tomorrow is a brand new year, here's a chance to look back on not only Bleeding Cool's most-read stories of 2021, butthe most-read stories of every year going back to 2009. And number one for 2021? It was going to have to be Dave Bautista and that bloody manatee, wouldn't it?

Dave Bautista is involved in a long-running feud with fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump
Dave Bautista is involved in a long-running feud with fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump.
  1. Dave Bautista Offers $20K Bounty for "MAGATs" Who Defaced a Manatee
  2. Target Stores To Halt Sales Of All Trading Cards From May 14th Forward
  3. Today, Marvel Has Cancelled Guardians Of The Galaxy
  4. A Cosplay Gallery At San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition 2021
  5. The Rarest Pokémon In Pokémon GO & Where to Find Them
  6. Cobra Kai Star Mary Mouser Surprised by Fans' Reactions to LaRussos
  7. Walker Star Jared Padalecki Says Jensen Ackles Will Be On The Show
  8. The Sylveon Name Trick in Pokémon GO: Eeveelution Guide
  9. DC Comics Vs Zack Snyder's Twitter – The Daily LITG, 26th June 2021
  10. Dan Lee Is The Stan Lee Lookalike Appearing At A Comic Con Near You
  11. DC Removes Zack Snyder Cut of Batman Going Down on Catwoman
  12. Giovanni Battle Guide For Pokémon GO Players: June 2021
  13. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Pike, Spock Lead Way to Paramount+
  14. Pokémon GO Announces Quality Of Life Updates For February 2021
  15. Rick and Morty: Justin Roiland Shares Health Update on Jerry
  16. Darth Vader Sees An Alternate Ending To Return Of The Jedi (Spoilers)
  17. The Last of Us: HBO Releases Image of Pascal's Joel & Ramsey's Ellie
  18. The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan's 3 Options Trump Won't Like
  19. The Boys Star Jack Quaid as Starlight Is a Sight You Just Can't Unsee
  20. Marvel Comics Presents – The United States Of Genitalia?
  21. Bewitched Was A Classic TV Master Class in Abusive Relationships
  22. "PUBG Mobile Lite" Launched On Android This Week
  23. Thoughts on Shang-Chi from a Viewer Who Knows Chinese Culture
  24. The Always Sunny Podcast: Our Sincerest Apologies to Joe Rogan Fans
  25. Glee Co-Creator Ryan Murphy Responds to Naya Rivera Accusations
  26. Seth MacFarlane Calls Out Fox for Family Guy/Tucker Carlson Hypocrisy
  27. Pokémon GO Has Fixed The Worst Aspect Of The Game
  28. Prodigal Son Update: Warner Bros. TV Group Confirms "Conversations"
  29. All 64 Designs For The X-Men's Hellfire Gala This Summer
  30. Joss Whedon Report Offers Insight Into Carpenter, Trachtenberg Claims
  31. The Mandalorian: Ex-Cast Member Gina Carano Issues Statement
  32. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Thunder-Guns Joe Rogan
  33. Buffy, Angel Star David Boreanaz Posts Support for Charisma Carpenter
  34. Stargate: SG-1 & Veteran TV Actor Cliff Simon Passes Away, Age 58
  35. The Cosplay Of San Diego Comic-Con in Daily LITG, 30th November 2021
  36. Law & Order: SVU: Benson & Stabler Are Back- And A Little Bit Closer
  37. The Returning Prodigal Son – The Daily LITG, 28th May 2021
  38. Jonathan Kent Introduces A Special Friend To His Parents (Spoilers)
  39. Doctor Who: John Barrowman Finds Another TARDIS Door Closed to Him?
  40. DC Comics Confirms Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Go Down On Each Other
  41. CW Update: Riverdale Spinoff, Arrow S09, Lost Boys, Swamp Thing, More
  42. Domino's Threatens to Slice Ties with AEW Over Pizza Cutter Incident
  43. Jaws Takes on the Orca Ship with Iron Studios Newest $3000 Statue
  44. Ultimate Slip 'N Slide Prod Halted Over "Explosive Diarrhea" Outbreak
  45. Night Court: Melissa Rauch Joins John Larroquette for NBC Series Pilot
  46. Greg Berlanti & "Green" Arrow Convinced Stephen Amell to Return
  47. What We Do in the Shadows Drives Stake Into Heart of Season 3 Filming
  48. Lucifer Season 5b: Dad Has Something to Ask His Son; NYE Preview?
  49. Giovanni Battle Guide for Pokémon GO Players: March 2021
  50. Gabe Eltaeb Not Coloring Superman: Son Of Kal-El #5 After DC Comments?
  51. What We Do in the Shadows Drives Stake Into Heart of Season 3 Filming
  52. Separated At Birth: Keratin and Adam Ellis' Instagram Comic
  53. CM Punk Wrestling Return Confirmed: New Name, Look & Manager Set
  54. The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Returns with threezero
  55. World Of Warcraft Dev Team Issues Statement On Game's Future
  56. Magic: The Gathering's New Secret Lair Announced For PulseCon 2021
  57. WWE Is Reportedly In The Dog House With Both Of Its TV Networks
  58. AEW Rampage: In Kingston vs. Danielson, Tony Khan Has Gone Too Far
  59. Lucifer Star Lesley-Ann Brandt Goes Scorched Earth on Donald Trump Jr.
  60. Pokémon GO Announces The Last Date To Claim Shiny Celebi Research
  61. Bosch: Michael Connelly Offers Details on IMDb TV Spinoff Series
  62. Pokémon TCG Will Debut Oversized Vintage Cards For 25th Anniversary
  63. Buffy: A Teachable Moment in Cognitive Dissonance After Joss Whedon
  64. J Scott Campbell "Fixes" His Critics Over Mary Jane Image
  65. Scarlet Witch Breaks Reality with New WandaVision Iron Studios Statue
  66. American Gods: Neil Gaiman On Anansi/S03; Orlando Jones Responds
  67. Spider-Man: No Way Home: Mid-Credit Scene Shows Sony Doesn't Get It
  68. American Horror Story S10: "Pilgrim" Applies for Provincetown Filming
  69. Jeopardy!: LeVar Burton Deserved Better; Brent Spiner Has His Back
  70. Buffy & Angel Star on Joss Whedon Encounter, John Barrowman & More
  71. The Man Who Bought Incredible Hulk #181 For $5 In An Antique Store
  72. The Walking Dead: Origins Tells Daryl, Carol, Maggie & Negan's Tales
  73. Wil Wheaton: Fans Okay to Separate Buffy from "Garbage" Joss Whedon
  74. The Flash Star Danielle Panabaker Shows Off Their Season 7 Gift
  75. Prodigal Son Reportedly Done; Aurora Perrineau Responds to Report
  76. The Book of Boba Fett Viewers Have "Timely" E01 Complaint (SPOILERS)
  77. DC Comics Buyout In The Works From Fans With Lots Of Money
  78. Transformers: The Movie Coronation Starscream Coming From Hasbro
  79. Generation One – Four Pokémon Still Not Released in Pokémon GO
  80. Prodigal Son Making Its Return – The Daily LITG, 29th of May 2021
  81. What Is The Best Moveset For Tyranitar In Pokémon GO?
  82. Community: Yvette Nicole Brown Calls Out "Greendale Seven" Disrespect
  83. Shadow Mewtwo In Pokémon GO: To Purify Or Not To Purify?
  84. The Boys: Misha Collins Says Jensen Ackles Has Gotten Soft (& Gummy?)
  85. Superman Is Back From the Dead With Black Suit XM Studios Statue
  86. Law & Order: SVU – Ice-T Makes Bold Stabler/Benson Reunion Promise
  87. Star Trek: Jeri Ryan Prefers Seven on Picard; Offers Season 2 Update
  88. Community: Joel McHale Talks Working with Chevy Chase; Chase Leaving
  89. "Egg Transparency" Coming To Pokémon GO Soon
  90. Bosch Spinoff Series Signals Season 1 Filming Wrap with Last Ep Look
  91. "Egg Transparency" Coming To Pokémon GO Soon
  92. Pokémon GO Teases Sylveon, Xerneas, & More New Species
  93. Gunnsplaining Marvel Movie Direction To James Gunn
  94. Lucifer Season 6: Tom Ellis & Lesley-Ann Brandt Look Devilishly Sharp
  95. Today, DC Comics Defines Deathstroke As A Pedophiliac Rapist
  96. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15: The Gang Gets a "Karen"?
  97. Superman: Son Of Kal-El – Has Everyone Forgotten How Stories Work?
  98. Star Wars Princess Leia Gets New A New Hope Gentle Giant Statue
  99. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S15: A Dee-Less Gang Goes for a Ride
  100. Nightwing & Batgirl Revealed As Heterosexual (Nightwing #85 Spoilers)

But what about previous years?

The Top 101 Most-Read Stories On Bleeding Cool In 2020

The Top 101 Most-Read Stories Of Bleeding Cool In 2020
Credit: DC
  1. Lucifer Cancelled, Final Story, Released as a DC Graphic Novel
  2. Darth Maul is Unleashed with the Newest Hot Toys Star Wars Figure
  3. Supernatural: Jensen Ackles' Adopting Baby; Jared Padalecki Got His
  4. Ubisoft Releases The "Just Dance 2020" Song List
  5. Punisher Creator Gerry Conway "Cancel Every Existing Superhero Comic"
  6. The Rarest Pokémon In Pokémon GO & Where to Find Them
  7. Warren Ellis Accused Of Grooming Young Women For Decades
  8. Cobra Kai Posts Season 3 Teaser That Will Not Make Miguel Fans Happy
  9. Mile High Comics Launches 'DC Sucks' 50% Off Sale
  10. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Rob McElhenney Goes Dennis on Trump
  11. Supernatural: Jared Padalecki Tweet Like a Wooden Stake to Our Feels
  12. WWE Took Back All of The Big Show's Slammy Awards
  13. The Witcher Season 2: Game of Thrones Becomes On-Set Cautionary Tale
  14. The Boys: Eric Kripke Just Tied Rick and Morty for Best Response Ever
  15. The Rarest Generation Two Shiny Pokémon In Pokémon GO
  16. DC Comics Offers Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom Conferencing
  17. Lucifer Showrunner Responds to Those Tom Ellis/Ian Somerhalder Rumors
  18. Absol, Mawile, & Unown Coming To Pokémon GO… In Only One Country
  19. WWE TLC Results: Randy Orton Murders Bray Wyatt Live on PPV
  20. Generation One Shiny Pokémon That Aren't Released in Pokémon GO
  21. Marvel Comics' Christian Cooper In Central Park Racial Confrontation
  22. The Walking Dead Posts Thanksgiving Image We've Read Too Much Into
  23. Rick and Morty "The 12 Days of Rickmas" Goes "The Queen's Gambit"
  24. Where & When To Spend Rare Candy In Pokémon GO
  25. The Quick Catch Method In Pokémon GO Explained
  26. New Eggs & Shadow Mewtwo Coming To Pokémon GO
  27. How To Catch More Shiny Pokémon In Pokémon GO
  28. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Receives The Island Transfer Tool
  29. Rick and Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland Offers Health Update on Jerry
  30. Niantic Responds To Mega Evolution Controversy In Pokémon GO
  31. Did Pokémon GO Just Add Permanent Mega Evolution To The Game?
  32. American Horror Stories Teaser Fuels Our Dumpster Fire of Speculation
  33. The West Wing Reunion Offered to Non-HBO Max Subscribers for Free
  34. Deerling Is The New Seasonal Unova Release In Pokémon GO
  35. A New Luigi Code Is Found 24 Years After Super Mario 64 Was Released
  36. The Boys Season 2 Drops Early in Response to Vought Takeover Attempt
  37. Censored Michael Turner Superman/Batman Page For Auction At Heritage
  38. Saturday Night Live Season 46: Punkie Johnson Makes SNL History
  39. Shadow Mewtwo In Pokémon GO: To Purify Or Not To Purify?
  40. The Orville Creator Seth MacFarlane Is Going to "War" with NBCU
  41. The Rarest Generation Five Shiny Pokémon In Pokémon GO
  42. "Street Fighter" Cammy Gets Three New Statues from PCS Collectibles
  43. A Green Lantern Ring Around Her Neck? Wonder Woman's Future State
  44. The Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Stargirl, and Arrow Go Pro-Mask
  45. Full Niantic Fifth Birthday Event Timed Research In Pokémon GO
  46. Tom King: Batman and Catwoman F*** in Batman/Catwoman #1
  47. American Horror Story Shocker: Ryan Murphy Reveals Real "Cult" Finale
  48. Are The New 12KM Strange Eggs Worth Hatching In Pokémon GO?
  49. The Mandalorian: Gina Carano Isn't Oppressed- She's Selfish: Opinion
  50. The Boys Season 2: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Loves Him Some Love Sausage
  51. Arrow Star Stephen Amell: The CWverse Change "F**king Pi**ed Me Off"
  52. Top Five Shiny Pokémon In Pokémon GO: Generation One
  53. Cobra Kai: William Zabka Channels His Inner-Johnny, "Calls Out" MTV
  54. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Celebrates Flipadelphia
  55. Arrow: Stephen Amell's Flash/Supergirl Tweet More Than Meets the Eye?
  56. Larian Studios Warns Players About Baldur's Gate 3 Pre-Orders
  57. WWE Star Dave Bautista Calls Senator Ted Cruz an Ass-Sucking Nazi
  58. The Marvel Comic With a DC Cover, on eBay for Over a Million Dollars
  59. The Rarest Generation One Shiny Pokémon In Pokémon GO
  60. Superman & Lois Writer Calls Out Arrowverse Series After Being Let Go
  61. More DC Characters Realise They're Rebooted (Action Comics Spoilers)
  62. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Charlie Day Responds to Trump Diss
  63. Fashion Week Event Begins in Pokémon GO for Longchamp Collaboration
  64. Star Trek Picard: Marina Sirtis Finds a Fan in the Trump Family
  65. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Glenn Howerton On Season 15 Status
  66. Which Pokémon To Use Elite Charged TMs On In Pokémon GO
  67. Tee Franklin Calls Out Stephen Amell – and Gets a Tweet Back
  68. The Ghosts of Pokémon GO: Halloween Is Coming
  69. When Wonder Woman Gets Mistaken as a Cosplayer
  70. Supernatural Season 15: The CW Teases The Long Journey's End
  71. Supernatural Star Jared Padalecki Promises to Be Better "Shepherd"
  72. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Brett Dalton Reveals Why No Ward in Finale
  73. Mad Men: Welcome to the Longest Twilight Zone Episode Ever Made
  74. Karate Kid: William Zabka Reveals Pat Morita's Pitch for 5th Film
  75. Shiny Lapras Raid Guide For Solo Pokémon GO Trainers
  76. Doctor Who: David Tennant Finally Confirms a Steven Moffat Theory
  77. The Flash Season 7: No Hartley Sawyer, Yes Elongated Man; More Sue
  78. Rumor: Former WCW/WWE Star to Debut on AEW Dynamite Next Week
  79. "I Got Screwed" – Alex Ross On DC Comics and Kingdom Come
  80. "Death Note" Returns for a Special One-Shot Story – Read it Online for Free!
  81. Animal Kingdom, Mayans M.C., Lucifer & More: FilmLA Production Update
  82. Magic: The Gathering Announces Full Sleeves Secret Lair Drop
  83. Now Marvel Comics Offers Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom Conferencing
  84. The Walking Dead Has Message for Fans Bothered By Its BLM Support
  85. Rick and Morty: Adult Swim Begins "The 12 Days of Rickmas" Countdown
  86. The Punisher Has Words For Police Who Use His Skull Logo (#13 Spoilers)
  87. Harley Quinn #1 Announced Tomorrow? What's Up With Her Neck?
  88. Khan Taking Over WWE, Assumes Role as Company's New President
  89. Supernatural Fans Get Preview of Jared Padalecki's Cordell Walker Look
  90. 20 Years Later: A New Firefly Series With Wash & Zo's Daughter, Emma
  91. Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart Apologizes for Breonna Taylor Post
  92. TMNT: The Last Ronin #1 The Remaining Turtle Revealed (Spoilers)
  93. So Why Did Dan DiDio Leave DC Comics Anyway?
  94. We Can Do Better Than Tom Hardy as James Bond
  95. The Boys: NOS4A2 Star Jahkara Smith No Fan of Stormfront Storyline
  96. Magic: The Gathering Commander Rules Change Forthcoming
  97. Warren Ellis Remembers When Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit Went Gay
  98. Is The Decoding Porygon Ticket Worth It In Pokémon GO?
  99. Matrix, Lord of the Rings Actor Hugo Weaving Talks Missing Franchises
  100. DC Comics – A New Look For Vixen In 2021?
  101. Jae Lee to Tom King – "We're Not All Good"


The 100 Most-Read Stories Of 2019 On Bleeding Cool

The 100 Most-Read Stories On Bleeding Cool Of 2019

  1. Guardians Of The Galaxy to be Relaunched by Marvel in 2020
  2. DC Comics is About to Give Us a Black Batman
  3. Tony Isabella Calls Batman Toxic, Says Character Ruins DC Comics
  4. Did Marvel Censor the New Wolverine Logo Because We Were Too Close to the Truth?
  5. Fans Will Decide Whether The Three Jokers Will Be In DC Comics Continuity…
  6. Rob Liefeld Quits Twitter Following DC Tweet Controversy
  7. Keanu Reeves Appears as John Constantine in Today's Hellblazer
  8. Does the Possible New Wolverine Logo Confirm a Long-Running X-Men Fan Theory?
  9. Epic Games Trolls Fans By Ending "Fortnite", Causes Twitch Errors
  10. Harley Quinn Has a New Lover at DC – One That No One Will Be Able To Guess
  11. "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" Final Quest Has Taken Flight
  12. DC Comics Cancels Wonder Woman #84
  13. Marvel Make Selling "Celebrate Stan Lee" Comics a Firing Offense
  14. When You Get Paid For a Character No One Realised Was in X-Men: Dark Phoenix
  15. Her Name is Rien and She's Wolverine's Daughter
  16. The Punisher Has Words For Police Who Use His Skull Logo (#13 Spoilers)
  17. Rob Liefeld Predicts the Collapse of DC Comics Soon
  18. (MASSIVE SPOILERS) The Walking Dead #193 Twist That No One Saw Coming? (MASSIVE SPOILERS)
  19. Batman: Damned Forced DC to Rethink Who They Were as a Publisher
  20. DC Comics Cancels Orders on Stargirl By Geoff Johns
  21. The Moment Nightwing Lost His Dick in Nightwing Annual #2 (Spoilers)
  22. Sorry Doomsday Clock, Justice League #30 Got There First – and Damian Wayne Joins (Spoilers)
  23. Blizzard Randomly Slashed Prices on Overwatch Permanently
  24. Laurie Strode Is Not Michael Myers's Sister for a Reason in New 'Halloween' Film
  25. Exclusive: The Full DC Comics New Continuity Timeline – Including Crisis, New 52, Rebirth and Doomsday Clock – As Shown at #NYCC
  26. DC Comics Cancels Titans and Damage in April
  27. After Twenty-Six Years, DC Comics Rumoured to Close Vertigo
  28. Jonathan Kent To Be The New Superman For DC Comics?
  29. Ubisoft Releases The "Just Dance 2020" Song List
  30. 'The Orville' Season X "Oh, Captains! My Captains" Goes Bold [OPINION]
  31. Major DC Comics Restructuring Happening Right Now
  32. Has Grant Morrison Rebooted One Of DC Comics' Oldest Superheroes as a Gay Man?
  33. DC Comics Not Reprinting Superman #17 Despite Secret Identity-Revealing Sellout
  34. On Keeping Alfred Pennyworth Dead at DC Comics
  35. Sexual Harassment and the Comics Industry – Again
  36. 'Mayans MC'? 'Animal Kingdom' is Heir to 'Sons of Anarchy' [REVIEW]
  37. Gossip: Wonder Woman Will Be the First to be Replaced in DC Comics' 5G?
  38. DC Comics Cancels The Road To Watchmen
  39. That Mystery "Incoming" Figure From Marvel's December 2019 Teaser – is it Hulking as a New Captain Marvel?
  40. Separated At Birth: Arthur Suydam's DCeased #4 and Harley's Joker Cosplay – With a Killing Joke
  41. DC Bait Readers By Having Catwoman Cheat On Batman With Nightwing in February
  42. You Can Play A Hidden "Stranger Things" Game On Polaroid's Website
  43. DC Cancels Superman/Batman Vol. 7, Will Resolicit in 61 Years
  44. Justice League Theatrical Cut Was So Bad It Made Zack Snyder's Cinematographer Cry
  45. "Crisis" of Infinite Cameos: Who You May Have Missed During Part 1
  46. The State of CW's DCU [Part 1]: Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning
  47. The New Borderlands 2 DLC Throws More Shade at David Eddings
  48. Lucifer Season 4: Ella is Heading Down a Dark Path
  49. WARNING – MAJOR SPOILER From Tomorrow's Batman #77 Posted On Social Media
  50. Jonathan Hickman Defends Jean Grey's Costume in Coded Message
  51. 'The Mandalorian': 4 Official Images from the Disney+ Series
  52. Walmart's Problems With DC Comics That You Wouldn't Get in a Comic Shop
  53. Iron Studios Reveals "I Am Iron Man" Statue That We Love 3000
  54. Jim Lee Draws Watchmen – And Then Lost It
  55. Lesley-Ann Brandt's Maze Won't Be In The Early Part Of Lucifer Season 3
  56. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Presents "The Charlie-Work It Out Plan"
  57. Scott Bakula Suggests an Awesome 'Quantum Leap', 'NCIS' Crossover
  58. Rumour – Tom King Taken Off Batman? Last Issue Will Be #85?
  59. "Castle Rock" Season 2: The Town Begins to Take Shape Again [IMAGES]
  60. A Rare Magic: The Gathering Black Lotus Just Broke Ebay's MTG Sales Record
  61. Comic Creators Not Amused by Marvel Hiring J.J. Abrams' Son
  62. Black Cat Having Sex Dreams About Spider-Man in Next Week's Amazing Spider-Man #16.HU
  63. Critical Role Announces Split From Geek & Sundry
  64. Diana Gabaldon Shares 'Outlander' Book 9 "Go And Tell The Bees I Am Gone" Details
  65. The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for Tomorrow's Walking Dead #192
  66. George R. R. Martin Sees Shadow, 6 More Years of No "Winds of Winter"
  67. Bleeding Cool Has Bought The Snyder Cut
  68. Could This Be Your New Batman – Luke Fox? And the Death Of Bruce Wayne?
  69. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia": Rob McElhenney Heartfelt Post [Video]
  70. Marvel Stopped the Presses to Remove Mark Waid's Captain America Essay From Marvel Comics #1000
  71. Niantic Seemingly Teases Team Rocket Again For "Pokémon GO"
  72. Marvel Comics Cancels Their Future…. Foundation
  73. The Sex Lives Of The Exxorians – Wonder Twins #1 Preview in Today's DC Comics
  74. Jonathan Hickman Fooled Me Twice, Shame On Me – Powers Of X #6 Finale Spoilers
  75. First Look at David Tennant's Doctor Meeting Jodie Whittaker's in Doctor Who – January 2020 Titan Solicits
  76. Samuel L. Jackson Tells Jimmy Fallon How He Became Nick Fury
  77. McDonald's is Bring Back Some Classic Retro Toys Today!
  78. Joker: Killer Smile and Death Of Superman to be Made Returnable by DC Comics
  79. Doomsday Clock #12 – In Or Out Of Continuity?
  80. Absolute Carnage Gets a Launch Trailer to Shake Symbiote World to Core
  81. Six New Transformers Revealed by Hasbro for FanExpo 2019
  82. The Walking Dead Introduces Sheriff Kapoor – a Replacement For Rick? (Spoilers)
  83. Separated At Birth: Francesco Mattina and… Everyone?
  84. Were "Superman" #14 and "Supergirl" #33 Destroyed Over Racial Concerns? (Spoilers)
  85. "Oathbreaker" Ban List Updated – "Magic: The Gathering"
  86. Could Immortal Hulk #20 and The Green Lantern #9 Suggest a DC/Marvel Comics Crossover
  87. The X-Men's Bishop Was Based On Efren 'Bata' Reyes
  88. MAJOR SPOILER For Spider-Man #1 by JJ Abrams, Henry Abrams and Sara Pichelli That No One Saw Coming, Tiger
  89. Doom Slayer Figure Fully Revealed by McFarlane Toys
  90. DC Repackages Blue Beetle and Question Comics as 'The Road to Watchmen'
  91. Long Read: A Great Big Doomsday Clock/DC Comics Conspiracy Theory
  92. Why Adam Kubert Refused to Sign the Industry-Only Stan Lee Tribute Comic
  93. Doctor Who Series 12: The Real "Big Bad" Responsible for 2020 Delay
  94. Fake Tweet Used to Try And Discredit New Marvel Comics Writer, Alyssa Wong
  95. Nightwing #66 Spoilers – Ric Grayson No More
  96. Will Captain Boomerang's Kid Replace Barry Allen (and Wally West) as the Flash For DC Comics' 5G (UPDATE)
  97. Comic Stores Told to Destroy All Copies of Next Week's "Superman" #14 and "Supergirl" #33
  98. DC Comics Selling Almost Half as Many Comics a Month As It Used To
  99. "American Horror Story": "AHS: 1984" Filming? Billy Eicher Not Returning
  100. Rick And Morty Begins Final Mega-Story, The Rickoning, in Oni Press 2019 November Solicitations

The 50 Most-Read Stories On Bleeding Cool Of 2018

The 50 Most Read Stories on Bleeding Cool For 2018 – a Lying In The Gutters Special

  1. The Best MCU Viewing Order to Get Ready for Avengers: Infinity War
  2. Marvel's Tahlia Hein Died of a Stroke This Past Weekend, Aged 32
  3. Marvel Celebrates 10 Years of the MCU With Timeline, Contest, and a TON of Posters
  4. The Last Jedi: Snoke's Identity Finally Revealed by The Most Unlikely of Sources (Spoilers)
  5. Bleeding Cool Brings You Batman's Penis In All Its Batglory From Batman: Damned #1
  6. Laurie Strode Is Not Michael Myers's Sister for a Reason in New 'Halloween' Film
  7. Stan Lee Told How to Spell His Name During Comic Con Signing
  8. Fans Express Concern About Stan Lee at Silicon Valley Comic Con
  9. Marvel Uses DC Comics to Fight for 'Jean Grey' Trademark
  10. The Walking Dead/Stranger Things "Crossover" You Never Realized
  11. J. Scott Campbell Calls for Comic Industry to Speak Out Over Stan Lee's Situation
  12. Nightwing May Be Losing His Dick But Batman Is Getting One
  13. Snyder Cut: Justice League's Wonder Woman Was a Lot More Like Man of Steel's Superman
  14. Pokémon GO Fans Won't Be Able To Play Due To USAF GPS Jamming
  15. With No Snyder Cut, Star Wars: The Last Jedi to End Up with Disappointing $1.3 Billion Box Office
  16. Bruce Wayne's 'Justice League' Car Was a One-of-a-Kind Mercedes-Benz
  17. More Than a Dozen March on Burbank to Demand Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League [PHOTO]
  18. Diana Gabaldon Confirms Outlander Book 9 2019 Release Date
  19. Zack Snyder Drops Biggest Clue Yet That the Snyder Cut of Justice League Is Real
  20. EA Games Decides to Troll Sims 4 Players with DLC for Already Purchased DLC
  21. Taika Waititi Says He Used Illegally Torrented Clips for Thor: Ragnarok Sizzle Reel
  22. Vikings Season 6: Katheryn Winnick Shares Image of Battle-Bloody Lagertha
  23. Weeks After Calling Off Marriage to Nikki Bella, John Cena Rumored to Be Dating New Total Divas Star
  24. Jim Lee's Cover – and DC's New Logo – for Snyder's Justice League #1
  25. Is There a Post-Credits Scene After Avengers: Infinity War? [Spoiler-Free]
  26. Robert Kirkman Hates You – The Walking Dead #186 Major Spoilers
  27. It's Really Happening: Nathan Fillion is Finally Back in Firefly Role
  28. Dave Filoni Just Broke Our 'Star Wars: Rebels' Hearts With This Tweet
  29. The Civil War Over Poison Ivy at DC Comics
  30. DC Comics Is Calling Its "Fresh Start" a "Creative Refresh"
  31. Blizzard Issues a Statement on Racially Insensitive Cosplay
  32. Batpenis Strikes Again – DC Comics Won't Reprint Batman: Damned #1 – and #2 is Late
  33. The Yellow Oval Returns For Batman's New Look, Coming to the DC Comics in 2018
  34. Roddenberry Releases Star Trek Starfleet Moto Jackets for Preorder
  35. Amazon Leaks Next Dungeons & Dragons Book, Revealing a Major Crossover
  36. Finding the Cheat Codes to Weight Loss – Today, I Am No Longer Obese
  37. There Is Already A Facebook Movement To Give 'Black Panther' Bad Rotten Tomatoes Reviews
  38. Chris Claremont Wants to Cast Michelle Yeoh as the X-Men's Professor X
  39. Black Panther Whitewashed in Disney World Rack Pin?
  40. Brian Michael Bendis to Reveal Everything You Knew About Superman Was Wrong, in Action Comics #1000
  41. Batman Artist Norm Breyfogle Died on Monday, Aged 58
  42. Are We Getting A Fresh Start For DC Comics?
  43. American Horror Story Season 8: Sarah Paulson Might Need a Dentist
  44. Pikachu Has a Scrapped Evolution Called Gorochu That Sounds Terrifying
  45. The Return of Ethan Van Sciver's "Mean Streak"
  46. Richard Meyer Sues Mark Waid Over 'Tortious Interference With Contract and Defamation'
  47. Elementary Season 6: CBS Finally Sets Premiere Date
  48. DC Comics' Reveals That Red Hood Is Actually Batman's Son
  49. Lesley-Ann Brandt's Maze Won't Be In The Early Part Of Lucifer Season 3
  50. Some People May Be Watching Supergirl Too Closely

The 50 Most-Read Stories On Bleeding Cool Of 2017

Lying In The Annual Gutters – The Top 50 Posts of 2017

  1. The Supergirl Cosplayer Who Went To Charlottesville – Guess Whose Side She Was On
  2. Marvel Artist Ardian Syaf Hid Antisemitic And Anti-Christian Messages In This Week's X-Men Comic
  3. It's Official: The Dune Reboot Has Found Its Director
  4. Updated: Richard Hatch, Star Of Battlestar Galactica, Dies At 71
  5. WWE: Neither Xavier Woods Nor Paige Should Be Punished For Those Leaked Sex Tapes And Photos
  6. [SPOILER-FREE] Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review: Moving, Unexpected, and Breathtaking
  7. Justice League: All Of The Major Spoilers And Reveals
  8. Jonathan Hickman Confirms Marvel Cancelled Fantastic Four Over Fallout With Fox (UPDATE)
  9. Clerks Actress Lisa Spoonauer Passes Away At Age 44
  10. New Marvel Comics EIC C.B. Cebulski Admits He Wrote As "Akira Yoshida" 13 Years Ago
  11. [SPOILER-FREE] Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review: Moving, Unexpected, and Breathtaking
  12. Marvel's David Gabriel On Sales Slump: People "Didn't Want Any More Diversity," "Didn't Want Female Characters"
  13. Is There A Secret Scene In Logan? Well…SPOILERS
  14. Has Wrestling And Total Divas Star Eva Marie Left WWE?
  15. The Truth About Michelle, Zendaya And Mary Jane Watson In Spider-Man: Homecoming (SPOILERS)
  16. Futurama Is Back, And This Time (Hopefully) No One Can Cancel It Because It's A Video Game
  17. The Twists In 'Split' Are Desperate, Disgusting, And The Absolute Worst [Spoilers]
  18. We Talk To The Supergirl Cosplayer "Along For The Ride" At The White Nationalist Rally In Charlottesville
  19. Marvel Comics Responds To Ardian Syaf's X-Men Gold #1 Controversy
  20. Has Gotham Just Introduced An Extremely Rare Batman Villain?
  21. Spoiler Alert: Logan's Ending, What The Hell Just Happened?
  22. "At Last! Ginger!" All Fingers Point To Kris Marshall As Next Doctor
  23. Dragon Age 4 Is "Not A Thing" Says Creative Director
  24. The Strange Saga Of Paige, Alberto Del Rio, And Eva Marie Continues With WWE Total Divas Snub
  25. Lesley-Ann Brandt's Mazikeen Won't Be In The Early Part Of Lucifer Season 3
  26. Massive Mighty Morphin Spoilers For The Power Rangers Movie, Revealed
  27. Rebecca Sugar Apologises For Steven Universe Racism Controversy
  28. Ardian Syaf Tries To Explain What Happened Yesterday
  29. Warren Ellis, On Whether Nazis Should Be Punched In The Face, Or Not
  30. "Black", "Homo" And "Freaking Females": Heated Scenes As Retailers Turn On Each Other At Marvel NYCC Q&A
  31. 'Thor: Ragnarok' Will Change The MCU "Drastically" Before 'Avengers: Infinity War'
  32. Doctor Who Spoilers – A Multiple Regeneration Episode? A Reveal, A Pause And Rumours For Next Week's The Doctor Falls
  33. [SPOILERS] Will Chris Pine Return For The 'Wonder Woman' Sequel?
  34. Killing Jason In The Friday The 13th Game Is A Convoluted Mess
  35. Flash Season 4: Harrison Wells Returns Bearing Bad News
  36. Is Fox Quietly Ending Lucifer? Season Split Into 3 Parts
  37. Archie Comics Artist Refused Entry To USA From Canada Over Her Sketches
  38. Is O'Reilly Auto Parts Offering Up Time Travel?
  39. Report: Fox Is Actually Considering Bringing Back Firefly, For Real This Time, We Promise
  40. Supergirl, Arrow, And American Gods Stars Take It Off For A Good Cause
  41. Into The Badlands' Daniel Wu On The Response To Iron Fist
  42. James Gunn Confirms Leaked Footage From Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3
  43. [SPOILERS] How Death Ruins Kingsman: The Golden Circle
  44. Nerd Block Owes Diamond And Funko A Quarter Of A Million Each, And NYCC $150K
  45. Matt Furie Killed Off Pepe The Frog On Free Comic Book Day
  46. xHamster To Wachowskis: Let's Make Beautiful Sense8 Music Together
  47. Do You Remember When Batman Had Sex With Batgirl – And Got Her Pregnant?
  48. DC Comics Removes Max Landis Superman Story From Holiday Special – Physical and Now Digital
  49. Marvel To Liquidate Almost Fifty Omnibus Titles To Comic Shops
  50. Watch The Nightwing/Harley Sex Scene From 'Batman And Harley Quinn'

The 100 Most-Read Stories On Bleeding Cool Of 2016



  1. Frank Cho Walks Off Wonder Woman After Sixth Cover
  2. Warning! DC Universe: Rebirth #1 Spoilers Leak On Reddit. And You Won't Believe DC Comics Has Gone There…
  3. Buzz Sends Tim Lundmark Packing At Wizard World Minneapolis Comic Con
  4. Brazilian Studio Cancels Contract With DC Comics Artist Over Rape Comments
  5. DC Comics To Relaunch Everything With #1s Again This Summer 
  6. Netflix Clarifies Upcoming Disney Movie Streaming
  7. Ironheart Is Already A Porn Parody Of Iron Man
  8. Captain America- They've Only Gone And Done It (Final Page SPOILERS)
  9. Police Called On Cast Of Sons Of Anarchy After They Demanded Space City Comic Con Pay Up
  10. That Wonder Woman 1918 Photo From Batman V Superman
  11. The Killing Joke Was Never Meant To Be Part Of DC Continuity – And Now It No Longer Is
  12. Civil War Did Not Cause The Big Split At Marvel Comics – The Rot Set In With Iron Man 2
  13. Firefly's Book, Ron Glass, Passes Away At 71
  14. Exactly What Happened Between Bruce Wayne And Barbara Gordon That So Estranged Dick Grayson On Batman Beyond? (SPOILERS)
  15. Tower Of Terror To Turn Into Guardians Of The Galaxy At Walt Disney Resort In Florida?
  16. Captain America Writer Nick Spencer Gets Death Threats On Social Media
  17. WWE Deletes Wrestlemania Main Event Poll That Roman Reigns Was Losing Badly
  18. Steven Moffat's Unused Doctor Who Story Arc – What If David Tennant Had Stayed For One More Year?
  19. Marvel Announces Secret Wars, The TV Show, With Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel, Black Panther And Jane Foster's Thor
  20. Retailers Complain About Collapsing Marvel And DC Sales
  21. Spoiling The Ending Of Catwoman #1
  22. DC Comics Rebirth: What Got Cancelled, What Got Merged, What Got Saved – And Who Are In Silhouette?
  23. Loot Crate Recalls All Infinity Mitts And Tells People To Stop Using Them
  24. A Look At As Many Justice League Action Characters As Can Fit On The Screen…
  25. From Milo Manara To Frank Cho, A Very Unsafe For Work Gift…
  26. Bring On The Nostalgia: Netflix Releases All 99 Episodes Of Animaniacs
  27. Superman Has A Super Ass – Thank You Tyler Hoechlin
  28. Do You Remember When Batman Had Sex With Batgirl – And Got Her Pregnant?
  29. Robbie Amell On Why He Was Killed Off On The Flash And The Real Explanation Behind The X-Files Finale
  30. DC Comics Rebirth: A New Justice Society Of America Ongoing Title To Launch
  31. Alien Con Is Coming To California Thanks To Ancient Aliens
  32. Marvel Comics CEO Isaac Perlmutter Donated Over A Million Dollars To Donald Trump's Veterans Event
  33. Deadpool Movie Spoilers – Stan Lee's Full Frontal Cameo, Rob, Fabian And The After-Credits And A Very Special Surprise Character (UPDATE)
  34. Cincinnati Comic Expo Takes A Stand Against Rip-Off Artists
  35. Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Superman Editor Eddie Berganza, Revived
  36. $85,000 In Comics Stolen From One Vendor At Tampa Bay Comic Con
  37. The First Screen Lois Lane, Noel Neill Dies, Aged 95
  38. "Should I Take My Kid To See Deadpool?"
  39. Retconning Steve Rogers With Captain America #1 (SEMI-SPOILERS)
  40. DC Rebirth To Have A Two Year Story Arc Across All Titles? (Dan DiDio Update)
  41. Filter Swiper Joseph Bayer, Banned From MomoCon, But At Space City Comic Con Via Cosplayer Spock Vegas
  42. Explaining The End Of BBC2's Stag? (SPOILERS) UPDATE
  43. Gerry Conway Addresses Zack Snyder Rather Directly…
  44. A Scene In The Deadpool Movie That's Taken Straight From The Deadpool Comic
  45. Has Gotham Just Introduced An Extremely Rare Batman Villain?
  46. Steve Dillon, Greatest Living Englishman, Dies Aged 54
  47. Big Honking Rumours For DC TV Ahead Of SDCC – Batwoman, Oracle, Constantine And John Wesley Shipp
  48. Jesse James Buys Every DC Comic Since 1959 And Almost Every Marvel Comic Since 1962 (UPDATE)
  49. A Reddit User Says He's Seen Batman v Superman And It's Good
  50. Whataburger Fights DC Comics Over Wonder Woman Logo

The 20 Most-Read Stories On Bleeding Cool Of 2015 – The Dead Turtle Bump


The 20 Most-Read Stories Of 2014


  1. 1. "Authorship Is Censorship" – Bleeding Cool In Conversation With Shia Labeouf
  2. 2. Liam Neeson Says Nobody Gets Taken In Taken 3
  3. 3. Humiliated At SE:NYC – A Cosplayer's Story
  4. 4. Alan Moore Calls For Boycott Of 'Wretched Film' Hercules
  5. 5. Kickstarter Fail: John Campbell Burns Comics Rather Than Sending Them To Donors
  6. 6. The Rather Surprising Fate Of Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  7. 7. CONFIRMED: Fantastic Four To Be Cancelled In 2015 With 645 As January Kicks Of Fantastic Fourever
  8. 8. New Report Says Paul Bettany Will Play The Vision In The Avengers: Age Of Ultron
  9. 9. Fox Looking To Dump Fantastic Four Director, Screenplay And Recast Six Months Before They Are Due To Shoot
  10. 10. The First Five Doctor Who Series 8 Scripts Hit The Internet. Run.
  11. 11. The First Wonder Woman Movie To Be Set In The 1920s And Its Sequel During World War II
  12. 12. A Quick Look At The Two Minute Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron Trailer Shown This Morning
  13. 13. Artists Given Specific Instructions Not To Use Fantastic Four Characters
  14. 14. Would Marvel Really Cancel Fantastic Four To Snub Fox?
  15. 15. Is Young Avengers The First Mainstream All LGBT Superhero Team?
  16. 16. Marvel Announces Phase Three From 2016 – Including Civil War
  17. 17. Milo Manara Blames God For Spider-Woman Cover
  18. 18. One Possible Reason Why Fewer Women Work In Comic Stores Than You Might Otherwise Expect
  19. 19. New Star Wars Rumors Include RetConning Aplenty And Blu-Ray Of Unaltered Original Trilogy
  20. 20. "Pretty Much Everyone Hates It" – The Marvel Experience In Scottsdale Arizona

The 20 Most-Read Stories Of 2013


  1. SCOOP: Star Wars Episode Seven Character Details
  2. Watch: Amazing Footage Of The Day The Clown Cried
  3. You Might Not Believe Who Pops Up After The Man Of Steel End Credits
  4. Spike Lee Dismisses Juan Luis Garcia With A Single, Flat Out Cold Tweet
  5. Best Camera Test Ever – But Canon Didn't Think It Was Funny
  6. Netflix Now Offering Films In 3D, If You've Got The Kit For It
  7. Will Doctor Who Have A Very Special Surprise For Us In November?
  8. Ben Affleck Is Batman In Superman/Batman Film, Opening July 17th 2015
  9. Report: Christopher Nolan Offered The Next James Bond Film
  10. Looks Like Paul McGann Has Filmed A New Doctor Who Something But What?
  11. The Doctor Who Finale Has Escaped Into The Wild – The Name Of The Doctor Is Out
  12. Official: BBC To Reveal New Doctor Who In Live Broadcast This Sunday
  13. The IT Crowd To Return For One More Episode, Filming In The Next Few Weeks
  14. Katee Sackhoff Says She's Had Conversations With Marvel About Her Availability Next Year
  15. New Star Trek Poster Is Your Reward For Not Ogling Alice Eve In Her Underwear
  16. Steven Moffat's Unused Doctor Who Story Arc – What If David Tennant Had Stayed For One More Year
  17. The Doctor Who Missing Episodes Rumour Gains A Little Momentum. Three Tons Worth.
  18. Ted 2 Filming In September, Transformers 4 In May
  19. Big Time Comic Fan, Jeffrey Babbitt, Dies After Race Hate Attack
  20. Sharknado: The Tornado Made Out Of Sharks

The 20 Most-Read Stories Of 2012

  1. 1. "Mewling Quim" And That Mid-Credit Smile In The Avengers
  2. 2. The Dark Knight Rises Plot Thickens: Batman's First Encounter With John Blake
  3. 3. "Hey! Quasi-Pretty-NOT-Hot-Girl, You Are More Pathetic Than The Real Nerds" – Tony Harris
  4. 4. SCOOP: Doctor Who/Star Trek – The Official Crossover
  5. 5. DC Comics Gets A New Logo. And Here It Is.
  6. 6. No Reboot Of Firefly
  7. 7. DC Comics To Switch The Sexual Orientation Of An Established Character Soon
  8. 8. The Venom Cosplay Photos That Facebook Banned
  9. 9. Cosplay Round-Up: Toronto Fan Expo 2012
  10. 10. Best Camera Test Ever – But Canon Didn't Think It Was Funny
  11. 11. Video: Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Once More With Feeling Was Performed Live Last Night
  12. 12. David Tennant Back For Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary?
  13. 13. 51 Films From 2010 That You Really Shouldn't Have Missed
  14. 14. There's No Such Thing as Too Much: Cosplay Round-Up From San Diego Comic Con
  15. 15. Loki's Army Revealed In Avengers Superbowl Trailer
  16. 16. Now It's Rob Liefeld Vs Scott Snyder – "Get Over Yourself, You Pretentious Prick"
  17. 17. Yes, America, It's Alan Scott
  18. 18. Avengers Vs X-Men Checklist
  19. 19. DC's New 52 Facebook Poll Backfires Just A Bit
  20. 20. How Sherlock Did It

The 10 Most-Read Stories Of 2011A Hundred of the Most Read Stories on Bleeding Cool In Ten Years

  1. Dark Knight Rises Plot Thickens: Who Is John Blake?
  2. Les Femme Fatales Cosplay Exhibition
  3. 51 Films From 2010 That You Really Shouldn't Have Missed
  4. Misfits Season 3 Won't Feature Robert Sheehan
  5. Who On Earth Is Rob Granito?
  6. New Thundercats Cartoon (First Pic)
  7. When Hong Kong Takes On Iron Man
  8.  What If Male Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman?
  9. DC Relaunch: A Brand New Look For Superman, Supergirl And Superboy
  10. Behind The Scenes On Starfire, Red Hood And The Outlaws

The 10 Most-Read Stories Of 2011

  1. Gay Robin Vs The Westboro Baptist Church
  2. Matchstick Middle Earth
  3. The Return of Dragonball
  4. Get Ready For Watchmen 2
  5. Xavier, Moira And Mystique
  6. The Muppet Wicker Man Comic
  7. Sacha Baron Cohen Is Freddie Mercury
  8. Xavier, Moira And Mystique – Bleeding Cool's First Shots From X-Men: First Class
  9. Just Seen The Green Lantern Trailer – Why Is He Not A Black Guy?
  10. New Conan Images Offer First Good Look At Several Characters, Locations

The 10 Most-Read Stories Of 2009

  1. Preview: Alan Moore Dojinshi By Ryusuke Hamamoto
  2. Terminator 5 Comes To London?
  3. Review: Doctor Who – The Waters Of Mars (SPOILERS)
  4. Preview Of SuperGod By Warren Ellis And Garrie Gastonny
  5. Do Anything 001 by Warren Ellis
  6. Font Watch: Has The Recession Affected The Avatar Papyrus Choice?
  7. REVIEW: Misfits, The Superhero TV Show From E4
  8. EXCLUSIVE: Bringing Back Batman From The Dead. Again. Again. Again.
  9. Time Magazine Names Ultimates "Best Comic Of The Decade"
  10. The Rob Liefeld Backlash Backlash
  11. "Neil Gaiman Is A Dick" – Erik Larsen Of Image Comics Speaks Out On Marvelman – UPDATED

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